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3 factors to consider when buying, not building, a data center

August 16, 2017

3 factors to consider when buying, not building, a data center

When it comes to helping your customers decide why they should buy, not build, their own data centers, there are three factors to consider augmenting or fully supporting their IT infrastructure needs.

  1. Cost of building a data center: While the main benefits of building a data center is control, security and visibility, it comes at a cost. Choosing to build requires a significant upfront investment in site selection, design, hardware and more to ensure maximum uptime and meet compliance requirements around disaster recovery and backup. There are also operating costs associated with maintaining a data center, like maintenance, managing hardware refresh cycles every three to five years, utility power, connectivity and hiring/managing IT staff.
  2. Flexibility in colocation: Another data center option is to rent space from a colocation provider. They achieve economies of scale by serving multiple customers. Benefits include ease of outsourcing workloads to colocation and cloud providers, which can be used as part of your customer's broader hybrid cloud business plan, and cost effectiveness as your customers' businesses scale over time.
  3. Scalability of the cloud: The main benefits to using cloud services to supplement your customers' data center business plans includes helping them meet variable workloads (pay as they go or pay for what they consume), provide room to scale, and meet the needs of customers on a limited budget and/or lack of IT expertise. Cloud spending continues to grow. According to RightScale Cloud Management’s State of the Cloud Report, 81% of enterprises have a multicloud strategy (think multiple private, public and hybrid cloud strategies).

There's no single rule of thumb when it comes to choosing which data center option is right for your customers' needs. But you can rely on Ingram Micro's resources to help you determine the right path. And Ingram Micro's Financial Solutions make financing your options easy. For more information, read about easing your credit and cash challenges and expanding your credit line.