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See the pinnacle of rugged tablets at Ingram Micro’s virtual ONE Experience

Samsung's Active tablet line is what your customers have been waiting for

October 21, 2020

See the pinnacle of rugged tablets at Ingram Micro’s virtual ONE Experience
Mobile workforces—especially today—face harsh, unpredictable and sometimes unsafe environments. When working in these settings, they need technology that can be counted on to perform as intended. Unfortunately, due to many rugged tablets' extremely high costs, non-ruggedized solutions are often deployed and suffer damage in regular use, which can hamper productivity. On top of that, mobile computing devices' security and management remain a concern for many organizations.

Recognizing the need for rugged tablets that are secure and easy to manage, Samsung created its Tab Active series, which will be showcased at the Ingram Micro ONE Experience Nov. 4-5. Featuring powerful processors and enterprise-levels of memory and internal storage, the Tab Active series is built to address the needs of various industries, including transportation, field service, warehousing and healthcare.

Built to last
Frontline workers, regardless of their operating environment, have a job to get done and often the last thing they're concerned with is babying a mobile device. As a result, unless a tablet is purpose-built, it can't be expected to survive for long. The Samsung Tab Active tablets are built to last. The devices are MIL-STD-810-certified to endure extreme working conditions, and an IP68 rating adds dust proofing and water resistance, further protecting the investment.

Full-shift battery life
You can have the most rugged and powerful device, but its value is greatly diminished if it doesn't have the power to operate through a shift. The Tab Active series has replaceable batteries that support fast charging through USB and pogo pins. A variety of charging docks are available depending on your application and the devices can also operate in "no battery mode" for kiosk-like applications where the tablet is hardwired to a power source.

Secure and easy to manage
Securing and managing mobile devices is a constant source of headaches for most IT departments. The Samsung Tab Active series addresses this issue with the inclusion of biometric authentication and Samsung Knox, a defense-grade security and management platform. Knox can be easily customized by IT administrators to manage business apps, providing control over mobile assets and allowing employees to focus on the job at hand.

Priced right
Organizations adopting low-cost consumer-grade tablets will experience low ROI metrics when devices fail in the field. On the opposite end, many rugged tablets on the market carry high prices that can also negatively impact ROI. With the Tab Active line, Samsung has created affordable, rugged tablets built to endure the rigors of frontline workers while not breaking the bank. Additionally, Samsung's support for three generations of the Android operating system means the investment will continue to pay for years to come.

Designed to meet your specific needs
Whether your customers are in transportation, field service, warehousing, healthcare or another field, the Tab Active series provides the options—in sizes, specs and accessories—to get the job done. Register for the ONE Experience to learn more about the Samsung Tab Active rugged tablet series and other new innovative solutions.