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Ring up big profits with space-saving retail solutions for hospitality

February 01, 2017

Ring up big profits with space-saving retail solutions for hospitality

If you’ve ever been to a hotel gift shop you may have noticed something fairly common: space is limited. From product displays near the register to attract impulse buyers, to racks that can hold t-shirts, hats and other collectible items, every inch of the store needs to be optimized to make the biggest impact within a smaller footprint.

That means your hospitality customers are always looking for new and innovative ideas that can help them ease the squeeze on their retail space.

One great way to solve this problem is with new retail solutions that combine compact cash drawers and sleek receipt printers into one tight package.

What’s that? You say you doubt whether anyone still uses cash in today’s world of smart phones and mobile payment apps? Think again.

According to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 32% of consumer retail transactions are still made with cash—a majority share, compared to 27% for debit card and 21% for credit card.

So it might be a bit premature to declare ourselves a “cashless society” just yet. Until that day arrives, your hospitality retail customers still need a cash drawer on their counter to handle a large percentage of their sales.

In the interest of saving precious space, you might consider cash drawers from Star Micronics. Why? Because the SMD2-1214 cash drawer from Star Micronics is the most compact cash drawer in its class and specifically designed for space-sensitive situations. With all the functionality of a full-sized cash drawer combined with a space-saving small footprint, it also features communication options for any mobile point-of-sale retail or hospitality environment. Plus, it features a vertical-facing till for faster access to each note, and it contains storage for five varieties of bills and four compartments for coins.

If you’re looking to save space on a receipt printer, Star Micronics offers a full line of small-footprint options. They even offer a free and reliable digital receipts option, allowing the customer to store and manage receipts on their mobile device, which means cost savings on paper and more convenience for end users.

So, if you’re interested in helping your hospitality customers to do big business in a smaller space, be sure to contact your Ingram Micro Data Capture/POS team today. We can help you find the perfect retail solution to fit any size customer need.