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[Quiz] Is Your mPOS Sales Pitch Up to Date?

November 09, 2017

[Quiz] Is Your mPOS Sales Pitch Up to Date?

Are mobility solutions becoming a bigger part of your value-added-reseller business? As quickly as the mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) market moves, your customers need you to be one step ahead.

That’s why we’ve created this short quiz. As you answer, keep track of your responses and check the results section at the bottom to see how your mPOS knowledge compares.

  1. When you target potential clients for mPOS solutions:


(A) You’re not quite sure what types of businesses might be interested in mPOS.

(B) You focus just on retail businesses.

(C) You reach out to businesses of all sizes from industry verticals like retail, restaurants, healthcare, hospitality, and professional services.

  1. An mPOS solution includes:


(A) Just a card reader attachment or “dongle,” like Square, that connects to a mobile phone.

(B) A tablet and a card reader.

(C) Both hardware and software, including a tablet or another mobile device, a card reader, and peripherals like wireless printers and cash drawers.

  1. Talking about the security of mPOS systems:


(A) You don’t recommend mPOS to clients because of card security risks.

(B) You’ve gotten conflicting information about whether or not mPOS systems are secure.

(C) You know that mPOS solutions are secured in part by encrypting cardholder information at the reader and never storing sensitive card data on the device or network.

  1. A prospective customer tells you he doesn’t need mPOS, because he already has a POS solution, and you say:


(A) That’s true—a traditional POS works just as well as mPOS.

(B) mPOS is a great addition for retail stores.

(C) Adding mobility to an existing POS solution gives merchants additional points of purchase to manage peak traffic, provides personalized customer service, and helps businesses get more data about consumer wants and needs.

  1. When clients ask about the risk of fraud with mPOS:


(A) You tell them that mobile solutions are more likely to incur fraudulent charges than would a traditional POS.

(B) You’ve heard that mobile credit card processing increases the risk of fraud, but you don’t know why.

(C) You know that today’s mPOS readers are EMV-ready, preventing counterfeit card fraud. Also, tablets don’t store card data, so no one can steal the device and download sensitive information.

  1. Setting up and maintaining an mPOS solution:


(A) Is difficult and complicated.

(B) Is much different from installing a wired POS.

(C) Isn’t hard to do with the support of a trusted partner. Like traditional solutions, mobile systems are designed with user-friendly interfaces and offer accessible customer support when problems occur.

  1. A client wants to add mPOS but thinks processing options are limited. You say:


(A) That’s true, and you may have to settle for higher processing fees than you’d like.

(B) There are a limited number of card processors you can use.

(C) mPOS offers many processing choices in today’s market, with competitive fees based on card volume and other factors.



If you answered mostly A: Your customers are asking for mPOS, but you need more information so that you won’t miss out on this lucrative market.

If you answered mostly B: You know quite a bit about mPOS, but your focus may be too narrow.

If you answered mostly C: You’re an mPOS ninja! Good work staying up to date on the latest trends.

After taking the quiz, how does your mPOS knowledge stack up?