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POS machine repair services: Countering common misconceptions

Why it’s smart to invest in mobile device repairs

July 27, 2021

POS machine repair services: Countering common misconceptions
The demand for point of sale (POS) and mobile payment devices has never been higher. Yet despite their popularity, there’s still some confusion about POS machine repair services—where to go for mobile device repairs, how to ensure security when devices are offsite and even whether repairs are the smartest way to protect your investment. 
Based on a recent conversation with Michael Coyne, senior manager, Repair Business Unit, Ingram Micro Secure Payment Solutions, we’ve got the answers you need to clear up three common misconceptions.
Misconception #1: I can take my POS payment devices anywhere and trust that they’ll be secure during repair.
Unfortunately not. While claims of security always sound promising on their face, you need to look closer. Just because a repair shop claims to have proficient skills and cutting-edge repair knowledge, doesn’t mean they adhere to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards like Ingram Micro Secure Payment Solutions.
In contrast, Ingram Micro Secure Payment Solutions provides full assurance (even documented proof of PCI compliance upon request) that our machine repair services fully comply with PCI Data Security Standards. Our site is an approved PCI-compliant facility (not all repair shops are), and we go above and beyond the required security guidelines to ensure every repair is as secure as it can be. You don’t have to worry about security compromises when your devices are on our watch.
Misconception #2: I can get better repair service directly from the payment device manufacturer.
Actually, each of our 15 repair technicians has been factory-trained directly by the POS device manufacturers themselves, which means they bring the same deep expertise and device familiarity as the manufacturers do. During the training, technicians become experts on how to do all types of hardware and software repairs on each specific device, so they can properly repair and support those products at our site. We repair all major manufacturer brands of POS equipment, which also includes a one-year warranty. 
Proven experience is important, too. Each of our technicians has an average of 10 years of experience in machine repair services, making this team among the best in the business. In fact, during each repair, our technicians are trained to go down to the board level, looking for any foreign objects. Just last week, our technicians found two skimming devices—pieces of hardware that were placed onto POS payment devices to capture credit card information.
Misconception #3: Instead of repairing my payment devices, it’s faster and easier just to order new ones.
Unfortunately, getting your hands on new POS payment devices isn’t easy right now. Due to supply chain bottlenecks and backlogs caused by the pandemic, receiving new hardware devices can often take many weeks—often many months. Many manufacturers are low or out of inventory. Therefore, choosing repair services to extend the life of your customers’ mobile payment devices may be your smartest option.
The turnaround time for our repair services is 30 days or less from equipment receipt. It’s a lot more economical to get devices repaired than to purchase new hardware; and all of our repairs come with a one-year warranty, which only sweetens the deal and provides an extra layer of confidence and assurance.
The supply chain may be tough, but fortunately, customers still have options. With Ingram Micro Secure Payment Solutions, they can trust our mobile device repairs to keep their devices running and processing payments for well into the foreseeable future.
For more information on POS machine repair services available through Ingram Micro Secure Payment Solutions, contact the DC/POS team at Ingram Micro.
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