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Pay and go: How mobile payment devices shorten customer wait times

December 27, 2017

Pay and go: How mobile payment devices shorten customer wait times

Does anyone enjoy waiting? Of course not. Everyone wants to get on with their life and avoid long lines if at all possible—especially if they’re on vacation or on business travel. But waiting in lines, like death and taxes, is often unavoidable. Or it used to be. Now that mobile payment devices have reached the hospitality market, those days are about to become extinct.

Here are a few of the ways mobile payments can make the hotel experience better:

  • Guests can place lunch orders from the lobby or pay for their drinks without leaving the poolside by using the latest mobile payment tech, such as Captuvo sled devices paired with iPads or iPhones. 
  • In the hotel restaurant, waitstaff can handle the check right at the table and even print out receipts, thanks to new lightweight mobile printing devices.
  • Gift shop employees can shorten the line to pay for that t-shirt or paperweight with mobile devices equipped with a barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader.

But those dreaded long lines aren’t the only casualty associated with the implementation of new mobile payment options. Customer frustrations are also history, along with the need to have staff hiding behind a counter to answer customer questions, search inventory levels, perform price checks or send the happy customer to the exit, with a smile on their face and their purchase in hand.

Obviously, one of the greatest benefits you can provide to your hospitality and retail customers is the ability to help them make sales from anywhere in the store. But if you could also help them to dramatically increase their customer service performance and improve response times, that wouldn’t be too bad either.

That’s why a mobile payment solution makes so much sense. But how do you know where to begin when it comes to designing one? Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

Go rugged: No matter how great your mobile payment solution may be, it’s no good if the devices are too fragile to withstand the rigors of the environment. Luckily there are several ruggedized mobile payment options available. The Captuvo sled from Honeywell is retail-ready and integrates perfectly with the Apple iPhone, iPad mini and iPod touch. They are also equipped with linear and 2D barcode scanners and can be optimized to securely process credit cards with a magnetic stripe reader.

Fit to print: Make sure your mobile payment solution is paired with either a mobile thermal or impact receipt printer. Another option is to use electronic receipts which customers can scan and view online for electronic record-keeping. This also allows your retailer or hospitality customer to implement customer surveys or even build an email list to further increase connectivity.

Keep compliant: When it comes to processing mobile credit card payments, there are always compliance regulations to adhere to, such as EMV, PCI and others. Make sure you’ve covered all your bases before you even start to think about designing a mobile payment solution for hospitality or retail. Get certified and stay informed about any updates to maintain customer compliance.

Paper or plastic: Don’t forget the cash drawer. Believe it or not, some customers still use paper money to pay for their purchases, and your mobile payment solution will be DOA if it’s not equipped with a cash drawer option to respond as needed. Many vendors offer cash drawer/printer combos to make integration easier and enable more room for the gift shop to display impulse items.

Need any help putting together the perfect mobile payment solution? Ingram Micro can help. Contact us today if you have any questions. We’ll even send one of our Professional Services technicians to your end user’s location to install and implement the entire thing for you so all you have to do is close the sale and leave the rest to us. Don’t forget to view our hospitality playbook to discover even more exciting opportunities in this market.