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mPOS Benefits That Skilled Trades Businesses Will Love

September 07, 2017

mPOS Benefits That Skilled Trades Businesses Will Love

A 2016 report indicates that just 20 percent of small-business owners in the United States accept customer payments using an mPOS terminal. That number leaves plenty of room for growth, especially among less tech-savvy businesses.

Tradesmen like plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians spend their days traveling, often to multiple appointments at residential or commercial locations. They comprise a mobile fleet that often lacks the mobile payment tools to make the job easier.

With a traditional system, taking payment requires calling the office in order to process a credit card, arranging prepayment by check, or preparing and sending an invoice. It can be a hassle for both employees and customers and often leads to input errors and payment delays.

With mobility solutions, technicians can handle appointments, accept payments, and send electronic receipts and invoices. Take a look at seven ways that businesses in the skilled trades can benefit from mPOS solutions:

  1. Accept payments on the spot. Instead of forcing the customer to make a payment over the phone or to use a non-preferred form of payment like a check, mPOS means that a completed payment is just a card swipe away.
  1. Slash up-front costs. Investing in a point-of-sale system can take a big bite out of the budget. But many of the current mPOS solutions can be delivered using "as a service" models. Both hardware as a service and software as a service give business owners a fixed monthly payment with limited startup costs.
  1. Speed up transactions. Today's consumers are used to getting in and getting out. While interactions with skilled trades businesses—think air conditioning tune-ups and plumbing repairs—tend to be less rushed, both consumers and technicians will appreciate wrapping up the appointment without delay.
  1. Reduce paperwork. Most skilled tradespeople are focused more on the job than on the paperwork. With an mPOS system, it's easy to email reports, invoices, and receipts with the tap of a button.
  1. Limit human error. Let's face it. Entering long strings of numbers manually isn't easy. But mPOS systems can help prevent errors. Attached card readers make it simple to dip or swipe cards, avoiding mistakes when keying in credit card numbers. Portable barcode readers make short work of tracking parts and inventory.
  1. Store data in the cloud. Managing and securing important data isn't easy. That's why many business owners are turning to cloud services. An mPOS system integrated with cloud data simplifies data storage and unlocks access to valuable sales trends.
  1. Simplify appointment processes. Sending out a technician requires confirming an appointment time, entering and locating the correct address, and using a GPS or mapping application. mPOS solutions can handle all these steps with a single mobile device.

By reaching out to skilled trades businesses, you're sure to gain new clientswhen they see how mPOS can simplify work processes and speed up payment cycles.

Do you sell mPOS to skilled trades? What benefits do you focus on?