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Meet the New Virtual Concierge

December 13, 2017

Meet the New Virtual Concierge

You approach, and a face flickers on the large format display and smiles. “Welcome to our hotel,” the person says before asking your name.

“Here you are. I see you’re near the swimming pool, is that going to be ok? Or would you prefer a quieter room?”

You mention you’re in town for a conference so you won’t be around during the day.

“Very good, then. Here’s your key.”

You look down to see a white key card pop out of a slot.

“You’ll be in room 212,” says the man on the screen. “Would you like us to send up room service for you? Or maybe you’d like to try our restaurant this evening? Here’s a list of our specials.”

You look down to see a menu print out below the screen.

“Wow. Thanks!”

Providing virtual concierge solutions like this to your customers might sound like something from a science-fiction movie, but this technology is available right now.

In fact, not only is this available, self-service kiosks like this are already in use at national hotel chains around the country, and all over the world.

And why not?  Self-check-in and virtual concierge services can help streamline hotel lobbies, keep lines moving quickly and ensure an elevated guest experience.

Hotels can now staff their front desks using a smaller team of associates who can login remotely and even manage multiple hotel lobbies from a single location.

One of the leading providers in this market, Zebra, provides a range of self-check-in and automated kiosk solutions for hospitality, retail and front desk applications. 

With the virtual lobby, guests have the ability to choose from a range of options using the touchscreen to find information about pool use, read or print a restaurant menu, locate area points of interest and more.

Additional devices can be used for employees to help them view and print work schedules, punch in or out on their timecard and even request schedule changes.

The kiosks can even double as digital signage when not in use by a customer, providing additional revenue opportunities for hotels and saving the expense of purchasing additional screens for the lobby or restaurant.

To learn more about how you can deploy a virtual kiosk solution for your hospitality customers, contact Ingram Micro today.

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