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ISOs: Here’s why POS should be on your 2018 to-sell list

January 29, 2018

ISOs: Here’s why POS should be on your 2018 to-sell list

The benefits of selling POS

The POS hardware and software your customers use is the backbone of their operations. It’s among if not the most important piece of their business. By integrating merchant processing with POS, you instantly add value to your offering and create a much stickier relationship with merchants. Having payments and POS tied together means your customers are less likely to jump ship when a lower-rate competitor walks in off the street.

Additionally, merchants with POS investments are typically larger, more established entities. There aren’t any official studies that prove it, but merchants with a POS typically average higher ticket sales than those without POS.

Finally, of course, you get the added revenue from selling the POS hardware and software itself. While the POS industry has been slow to adjust, many companies now offer their solutions as a service, giving you another recurring revenue stream.

All said, by selling POS, you gain the upfront POS sale, as well as customers that stick around longer and yield higher residuals.

Getting started with POS

If selling POS were easy, every ISO would be doing it. There are a few paths you can take:

  • Hire a POS expert—there’s plenty of talent available in the industry if you’d like to hire someone with POS experience. Doing so will give you instant knowledge and capabilities and, depending on their past experience, might give you connections with prospective customers.
  • Educate yourself—you can research the right POS partners for you and then learn the ins and outs of those systems. Many offer training and certification programs that, once completed, will give you a greater skill set and firmly place you in control of your future.

There’s another option: leverage a relationship with Ingram Micro. As the leading distributor in the IT channel, Ingram Micro offers every type of hardware and software your merchants may need.

Additionally, with the recent acquisition of The Phoenix Group, Ingram Micro gained instant payment processing expertise and the ability to help ISOs bridge the gap between the payment world and POS. With one call to Ingram Micro, ISOs can immediately begin operating in the world of POS knowing that support for sales and installs is only a phone call away.

With so much upside and a clear path to success via Ingram Micro, there’s little reason for ISOs to not sell POS in 2018.