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How Small Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Their Tablet POS

December 27, 2017

How Small Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Their Tablet POS

Retailers, healthcare practitioners, hotels and restaurants, and even solo professionals like attorneys and accountants are turning to tablets to handle business payments. Drawn by the mobility, the ease of use, and even the smart look of these compact POS devices, merchants are also finding out how powerful they can be when running a small business.

As your customers consider or move to tablet POS, here are four strategies to get the most out of a POS solution.

  1. Know your business use cases

Adopting a tablet POS solution is a great option for a small business. But the first step is knowing how the system will further key business objectives.

Some common goals for tablet POS are:

No matter what your clients hope to achieve, setting the expectation in advance ensures that the selected tablet POS hardware and software will help accomplish those objectives.

  1. Take advantage of integrated business management tools

As POS solutions evolve, more and more offer an array of business management tools that go beyond payment acceptance. That’s especially true for most tablet POS systems.

Many of the solutions in the marketplace today include components like inventory tracking, employee management, customer relationship management, and loyalty program integration. That means easy access to key business data via a single interface or dashboard.

As you work with small businesses moving to tablet POS, talk with them about how they can use these valuable management tools to streamline operations.

  1. Untether the tablet POS

Some retailers see tablet POS as a lower-cost alternative to a traditional POS, therefore they could be missing out on the true value of these mobile solutions.

Even small establishments are likely to experience heavy customer traffic at times. Having the option to pull the tablet off the stand and take orders or process card payments could mean the difference between a completed sale and an abandoned purchase.

  1. Harness powerful reporting capabilities

Today’s tablets can be small yet can include outsize reporting capabilities. But many business owners don’t take advantage of this built-in data source.

Reports on customer behavior can help identify high-value buyers and tailor enticing incentives. For merchants concerned about carrying excess inventory, most tablet POS solutions will identify what’s selling, what’s not selling, and how much to reorder.

Choosing a tablet POS solution for business offers a compact footprint, powerful business tools, and a gentle learning curve. Compared to previous generations of POS devices, they even look good on the counter.

How are your small-business clients benefiting from tablet POS?