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Hotels need your DCPOS solutions (and a whole lot more)

August 13, 2018

Hotels need your DCPOS solutions (and a whole lot more)

The IT brain of a hotel is the hotel/property management software (PMS) it uses to accept bookings, take payments, track reservations, manage housekeeping and handle purchases within the facility. Your first step is to become a reseller partner for one or more of these software companies. From there, the opportunities will explode.

Hotels use a variety of DCPOS technology throughout the organization; however, much of it must be integrated with, or complementary to, the PMS. You’ll have opportunities to sell everything you’d expect for common retail, restaurant and inventory applications—traditional POS systems, mPOS units, cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, tablets, kitchen printers, mobile computers, label printers and so on.

Consider the volume of opportunity in a hotel that has a check-in desk, back offices, retail store, one or more restaurants and bars, spa services, golf, gym, pool, parking lot, etc.

Sell complementary technologies

Beyond traditional DCPOS is where things can really get exciting. Savvy solution providers in this market see the full potential a hotel can offer.

For example, due to the size and sprawl of hotels, physical security is an essential requirement. Video surveillance can be used to increase staff and guest safety, curb vandalism, and counter terroristic threats. Access control can keep unauthorized people from wandering into off-limit areas.

Additionally, there’s a considerable opportunity to sell pro AV such as digital signage displays, content creation services and AV equipment for conference rooms.

With all the technology being used in hotels today, networking infrastructure and security are also very hot services you could be providing. Wireless access points, guest Wi-Fi, site surveys, firewalls, antivirus software and site surveys are all in demand.

Finally, there’s the opportunity to deliver cutting-edge communications solutions. This includes unified communications technologies for the phone systems, but also radios and mobile devices with push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities. Arming maintenance and cleaning staff with such devices can increase their productivity and be quite a large sale for you.

If some of these technologies and services are foreign to you or outside your comfort zone, rest easy knowing that Ingram Micro has team members ready to assist you. For starters, contact DCPOS expert Daryl Schuster, who can connect you with the right people and vendors to fast-track your success. With a desire to sell a full suite of IT solutions to hotels, you can cash in on this exciting market.