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Healthcare asset management is in high demand

April 13, 2020

Healthcare asset management is in high demand
For years now, healthcare organizations have been focused on improving patient outcomes while protecting a patient’s private information. Unfortunately, many hospitals have faced increasing difficulty in managing their mobile IT assets that help them do both. Whereas other verticals might suffer a loss of revenue due to such inefficiencies, hospitals have lives at risk. In today’s current climate, getting healthcare professionals the working equipment they need when they need it is even more critical. This presents a clear opportunity for solution providers. Here are just a few asset management solutions and services currently required in this market.

Healthcare asset management solutions
Hospitals are sprawling complexes with many rooms in which valuable life-saving equipment can be lost. When urgent care is required, the last thing a clinician wants is to waste time trying to track down the item they need. In fact, there are some estimates that nurses spend up to an hour per shift looking for lost equipment.

Tracking assets such as ventilators and IV pumps becomes even more important for pop-up hospitals in the field. By using barcodes or RFID, an asset tracking solution can be implemented to help locate equipment and get it into the hands of hospital staff so they can administer treatment.

Also, with the increasing number of mobile devices (hospital issued and BYOD) being used in healthcare settings, it’s vital for caregivers to be able to quickly locate their devices when needed. Mobile device management software can help identify the general location of devices.

Finally, tracking solutions can be used in the operating room to make sure that the right implants are going into patients. They can also be used to count sponges and other surgical tools to ensure that nothing is accidentally left inside a patient being closed after surgery.

If more refined asset management is needed, RTLS (real-time locating system) is an option. Whereas RFID can give clinicians the general whereabouts of a device in terms of its last time through a gate or reader, clinical RTLS solutions provide a more precise location. By employing a variety of technologies such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, legacy infrared (IR), second-generation infrared (Gen2IR) and RFID, it’s possible to pinpoint the exact location of devices.

Healthcare requires security and wireless access
As hospitals have become more reliant on mobile technologies, there must be an equal emphasis on wireless networking infrastructure and security to safeguard patient confidentiality. Solution providers can offer network assessments, penetration testing, wireless access points, firewalls and more to create secure reliable networks on which today’s healthcare technology resides.

If you need assistance delivering any of the above asset management solutions to your customers, Ingram Micro has qualified team members that can work alongside you. For more information, contact Bruce Smith, Ingram Micro’s DCPOS expert.