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DCPOS as a Service is easier than you think

February 25, 2019

DCPOS as a Service is easier than you think
Your customers’ budgets have never been tighter. In the retail and restaurant SMB segments, companies already operate on slim margins, so being able to implement the latest technology solution—regardless of how much it could positively impact their business—isn’t always an option. Or at least it wasn’t, until now.

In today’s subscription economy, many organizations seek to avoid paying a lump capital expense for goods and services, instead agreeing to a more budget-friendly monthly operational outlay. While these solutions might cost more in the long run, they free up valuable capital and allow your customers to access powerful new technology that can have a positive impact on operations and sales.
Historically, it’s been challenging for solution providers to offer these types of solutions to their customers because let’s face it, someone has to pay for the technology up front. Despite knowing that customers would find monthly payments appealing, many solution providers weren’t in a positive cash flow position to pay for the technology up front and cover existing expenses so customers could pay a low monthly rate. And while leasing companies do exist, the time and effort needed to find one that understood the IT space created a barrier many solution providers couldn’t easily overcome.

Technology as a Service customer benefits
Enter Ingram Micro’s TaaS (Technology as a Service) offering. TaaS was built to make it easy for you to provide your customers with a total solution (or just certain parts), without requiring them to purchase everything up front.

If you’ve been struggling with staying within your customers’ budgets while still providing them with the latest technology, here’s your answer.

Using Ingram Micro’s online TaaS portal, you can build the perfect solution for your customers, fulfilled from a variety of new or refurbished equipment, and including software, services, support, and even your own services—all bundled into one affordable monthly rate.

Additionally, you set the terms for the end of life of TaaS projects, allowing customers to return the equipment, buy it out or extend their contracts.

How Technology as a Service benefits you
For many DCPOS solution providers, TaaS is a game-changer. First, cash-strapped prospects can now become paying clients. Waiting for the next budget cycle becomes a thing of the past. Second, TaaS yields monthly recurring revenue, which creates a more stable business and greatly increases the value of your business when it’s time to sell or retire. Finally, in a world of “me too” solution providers, you can build your own brand around powerful, yet affordable bundles designed to increase sales and reduce expenses. You finally have something compelling to offer that prospect list in your next marketing campaign.

If you’d like to learn how Ingram Micro TaaS can transform your business, contact your Ingram Micro rep or email taas@ingrammicro.com.