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Data Capture Solutions Making Headlines

February 12, 2017

Data Capture Solutions Making Headlines

What data capture solutions have been making headlines? If you have been following the trade media you know that the leading stories have been about new data capture applications, mobile point-of-sales (POS) solutions, and security. From the VARs’ perspective, recent headlines point toward new sales opportunities in vertical markets, such as healthcare, and more emphasis on POS strategies that incorporate mobile data capture solutions and better data security.

Grand View Consulting reports that growth in the data capture and POS is being driven by near-field communications (NFC) technology, which in turn will drive sales of mobile data capture devices. The mobile POS market alone is expected to grow to $227.4 million by 2015 at a CADR of 11.4 percent. Grand View also notes that POS systems sales will grow to support the new chip-embedded payment cards and PIN numbers for more secure transactions.

1.The Buzz in Mobile POS

Mobile continues to dominate the headlines for data capture solutions. The market continues to focus on mobile POS and BYOD strategies, and retailers are adopting tablets and smartphones to handle in-store transactions, including custom-designed mobile POS systems.

As part of the mobile revolution, the POS market also is bracing itself for a flood of new forms of mobile payment. With the launch of Apple Pay there has been a resurgence of interest in m-payment strategies and smartphone transactions.

2. Security Concerns are Up

Following security breaches at Target, Home Depot, and Nieman Marcus, and other retailers, there is renewed concern about transaction security. Cyber theft is rampant, and vendors in all markets are seeking new strategies to secure their POS systems. Even vending machines are being targeted by malware.

Part of the solution will be adoption of the more secure EMV credit card standard. One of the drivers for new POS systems is the EMV transition deadline of October 2015. EMV card transactions are more secure and should result in fewer cyber thefts.

3. Healthcare is Hot for Data Capture

In terms of vertical markets, the news is buzzing with stories about data capture solutions for healthcare. Sales of charge capture technology continue to grow. Some vendors are expanding their market reach to new countries, and more cloud vendors are supporting data capture solutions. And mobile data capture solutions for healthcare also are capturing headlines as well as driving sales.

Leading Data Capture Solutions

Some of the vendors who are making data capture news are releasing new solutions with innovative features:

Elo Touch Solutions – The creator of the touchscreen has released Elo PayPoint, an all-in-one POS platform that brings together a touchscreen transaction system with a receipt printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, card swipe, and cloud-based POS software. This new product is designed to address many retailers’ concerns regarding security and extensible cloud resources.

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility – Honeywell is adapting wearable technology for data capture with the release of a wristband version of its Dolphin 70E handheld computer with built-in barcode reader.

HP Retail and Mobile POS Solutions – HP has released its own portable POS platform, the  HP MX10 Retail Solution, which combines the ElitePad Mobile POS system with the HP Retail Expansion dock so vendors can use it as a mobile transaction system or a stationary cash register.

Zebra Technologies – Earlier in 2014, Zebra acquired Motorola Solutions, including its mobile data capture platform. The acquisition will result in more robust mobile solutions with integrated barcode scanners and the means to use data from the Internet of Things.

These are just some of the data capture platforms making news. What are the solutions you’re watching?