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Cash in on the mobile trend for restaurants

August 30, 2017

Cash in on the mobile trend for restaurants

Thanks to tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, our dining experiences will be forever changed. Make no mistake, using mobile devices to take orders and then to process payment is a hard trend—it will happen, and for good reason. Here are just a few reasons why mobile is the hottest buzzword in restaurants.

  1. Arming waitstaff with mobile devices to take orders is a great way for restaurants to increase efficiencies. Orders can be sent to the kitchen without staff having to walk back to a centralized POS, potentially waiting for other servers to enter their own orders. Instead, waitstaff can stay on the restaurant floor to tend to the needs of other patrons.
  2. For restaurants looking to create a trendy atmosphere today, having a modern mobile POS ordering and checkout process has become a top priority. In the near future, a mobile POS strategy will become table stakes for every restaurant.
  3. Paying via a mobile device again makes waitstaff more efficient. Rather than taking a card and running back to make the payment, the transaction can be completed at the table, speeding up the process and allowing waitstaff to move on.
  4. Mobile payments better address security and EMV requirements. While EMV cards are more secure than traditional mag-stripe cards, many restaurants still carry the card away from the customer to complete the transaction. With mobile devices, the card never leaves the customer’s sight.
  5. If leveraging fixed tablet kiosks, the self-service factor comes into play. While the costs are higher to have such a device at every table, customers reach higher levels of engagement being able to order, reorder, pay and leave feedback in a survey. Most restaurants aren’t replacing waitstaff with these devices, but they are using them to make their staff more efficient and focused on customer outcomes.

With this trend toward mobile bound to happen, you should assess your current capabilities regarding this solution set. Some solution providers feel like mobile POS is too far outside their comfort zone. In reality, the solutions are easier than ever to incorporate.

Evaluate your current hardware and software partners to see if they already have an offering that can easily dovetail into your solutions. Additionally, make security a top priority. Ensure that EMV, tokenization and point-to-point encryption are being used for payment transactions to keep your customers safe. Finally, for mobile devices to work properly, don’t skip the step of performing a wireless assessment. There’s a good chance you’ll need to upgrade their Wi-Fi to accommodate the mobile POS and payment solution.

The move to mobile in restaurants is happening. Make sure that your customers turn to you for these solutions and not another solution provider. To jump-start your mobile POS and payment initiative, contact your Ingram Micro rep.