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Avoid missing out on the next big sales opportunity

February 11, 2019

Avoid missing out on the next big sales opportunity
I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The good news: Your head salesperson just took a call from an existing customer. They’re expanding into a new region and have acquired 10 more stores. They’ll be replacing all the old equipment with five standard POS terminals, two mobile POS units and payment processing at each location. In addition, even though you don’t provide digital signage, video surveillance or UC solutions, they’ll give you a chance to win that business as well.

Now for the bad news: Your customer is opening up the POS and payment portion of the project to its current digital signage, video surveillance and UC solution providers. There’s a chance you could lose this customer. In addition, each of the new locations is more than 200 miles from your office, and you’re currently short-staffed with your existing customer load.

The really good news: realizing that solution providers don’t always have the skill set, headcount or geographical presence necessary to win and maintain some customers, Ingram Micro has an assortment of professional services readily available. Here are some of the more prominent services that address the problems described above.
  • Deployment services—Using a nationwide network of technicians, Ingram Micro can help respond to your customer’s project requirements and timeline regardless of skill set, location, platform, manufacturer or industry. Also, Ingram Micro can provide a scalable, rapidly deployable workforce at multiple locations with a single point of contact for project management. This service can be applied to projects that include tens to even thousands of sites, while general installation and configuration options exist for one-offs.
  • On-demand dispatch (service and support)—On-demand dispatch services from Ingram Micro provide a simple prepaid-hours plan applicable to a range of service levels, from desktop support to data center and beyond. Gone are the days of needing to reschedule your techs, telling customers they’ll have a longer lead time or trying to figure out how to service a customer hundreds of miles away.
  • Wireless network assessments—As more computing devices are added to the wireless network, it’s critical that a thorough assessment is done. Ingram Micro’s team of technicians can perform wireless network assessments (as well as security assessments) to ensure that your mobile solutions don’t fall flat on launch.
  • ITAD (IT asset disposition)—When IT assets reach end-of-life, it’s important that you protect yourself and your customers by ensuring compliance with environmental and data security regulations. Ingram Micro’s ITAD service includes data destruction, e-waste recycling (zero percent goes into a landfill) and asset recovery. Ingram Micro’s staff will advise you on optimal refresh cycles then determines market timing and appropriate resale channels to enhance maximum value recovery.

Here’s a short video case study that shows some of the above in action.

If you’d like to learn more about how Ingram Micro’s Professional Services can help expand your geographic reach, technical capabilities, bandwidth and profitability, contact us at proservices@ingrammicro.com or at (800) 456-8000, ext. 76094.