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Ask merchants these questions to create upsell opportunities

Learn how the holiday season can uncover potential improvements for the new year

December 23, 2019

Ask merchants these questions to create upsell opportunities
With just a couple of weeks left in the year, little can be done to impact your retail customers’ success in this holiday shopping season. However, it’s a great time to help them start preparing for next year. As the 2019 holiday season winds down, ask merchants these questions to uncover opportunities to improve their technology and operations.

Inventory management
  • Did you have any issues with your inventory?
  • Did you have the right products on your shelves? What sold best? What sold worst?
  • How did your inventory levels compare to any predictive analysis performed prior to the holiday season?

What you can offer in 2020: Training on how to use their existing software to better manage inventory and new POS software with full-featured inventory management.

Omnichannel commerce
  • How did your ecommerce platform perform? Was it stable during the peak holiday shopping season?
  • Did you offer BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store)? If so, were there any issues with the process?
  • What percent of your sales were online vs. in-store?
  • How well did your ecommerce platform upsell customers?
  • How many sales were lost to abandoned carts?
What you can offer in 2020: An ecommerce platform that enables BOPIS, upselling, customer relationship management and more.

Payment processing
  • Did you suffer any processing downtime during the holiday season?
  • Did you use mobile payment terminals to shorten checkout lines?
What you can offer in 2020: mPOS and mobile payments solutions that enable retailers to shorten traditional checkout lines and cellular failover routers to eliminate processing downtime.

  • Did you take advantage of popular shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to offer online promotions?
  • What percent of customers joined your loyalty program?
  • What percent of sales came from repeat customers?
  • Did you survey customers in any way to gauge the quality of their shopping experience?
What you can offer in 2020: Training on how to use their existing loyalty and marketing features and new loyalty software.

  • Did you have enough employees during peak times?
  • Were staff adequately trained on the POS and payment technology?
  • Were staff adequately familiar with key initiatives (e.g., getting all customers to sign up for your loyalty program)?
  • During peak times, how long were checkout lines? What did you do to shorten the lines?
  • How many customers came into your store each day, week and during the entire holiday shopping season?
  • How did your network, including guest Wi-Fi perform?
What you can offer in 2020: Training seasonal employees on how to use the POS system, IP cameras for people counting and heatmapping to understand traffic and browsing behavior, and guest Wi-Fi routers and networking infrastructure.

These are just some of the more common questions you could be asking your customers. Chances are, you’ll find plenty of interesting talking points that can lead to new sales or training services.
For assistance getting your customers up to speed for 2020, contact Daryl Schuster, Ingram Micro’s DCPOS expert.