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7 reasons you don’t have to pass up enterprise DCPOS customers

May 24, 2019

7 reasons you don’t have to pass up enterprise DCPOS customers
When solution provider Level10 won a 10,000-unit self-service POS terminal project for an international fast food chain, the company not only turned to Ingram Micro to buy the terminals, but also for Ingram Micro’s Express Warehousing service. Rather than Level10 having to store thousands of units at its facilities, the inventory could be kept in Ingram Micro’s warehouses.

Level10 has control over when it receives the units and where they are to be shipped. Express Warehousing saved Level10 from expanding its warehousing space and shipping units to customer sites.

Every solution provider has been in a situation like this; you have an opportunity to land a retailer or restaurant that’s a little too large for you to handle, is outside your geographic reach or requires technologies/services beyond your usual scope.

By leveraging the professional services Ingram Micro offers, you can extend into new regions, supplement your skilled workforce and conduct business as if you were a larger entity. Here are six more ways Ingram Micro can support you as you pursue large deals.

1. Configuration services
A big project can be a lot to manage. With Ingram Micro’s staging and configuration capabilities, you can trust Ingram Micro’s team of experts to unbox hardware, install software, configure devices to your specification, test equipment and repackage for shipment. Then, when the time is right, the units can be drop shipped to your customers for the final setup.

2. Payment processing services
The payment processing industry is regulation heavy and security conscious. If you have a customer in need of payment terminals, Ingram Micro—thanks to its acquisition of The Phoenix Group (TPG)—can perform key injection services to securely configure the terminals for your customers.

3. Professional training
Performing training usually isn’t a burden, but if you land a customer with locations across the country (or globe), the job of training can get out of control. Ingram Micro has certified professionals on staff to supplement your team and act on your behalf in a training role.

4. Disposal and recycling
Winning a big project is exciting, but don’t overlook how you’re going to properly dispose of all the old equipment. Not only are there security consideration, but you have to take into consideration the environmental regulations that may differ state to state. Ingram Micro offers this service to minimize the burden on you and your customers.

6. Site surveys
It’s critical to understand the IT environment you’re working with, but it isn’t always easy to perform an analysis of distant locations. Ingram Micro can send technicians on your behalf to perform thorough surveys so you can be sure your solution works correctly from day one.

7. Broad line of technology
Enterprise customers have enterprise needs, and that often means providing technologies or solutions you’re not familiar with. Ingram Micro’s extremely broad line of products and services means you have one-stop shopping for virtually any IT-related solution your customers require.