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6 benefits of a cloud-based omnichannel solution

October 30, 2017

6 benefits of a cloud-based omnichannel solution

While it’s true that retailers are getting more knowledgeable about the need for an omnichannel footprint, most don’t know the technical aspects of how to best achieve it. That’s where you come in. It’s up to you to create omnichannel solutions that unify data—from the retailer’s sales, CRM, supply chain and more—to create a holistic view of their entire supply chain. To get the most out of these solutions, consider the cloud for its many benefits.

Real-time information—By having in-store and online/warehouse inventory stored in the cloud, you create a single repository of information able to be accessed from anywhere in real time. This information can be leveraged in unique ways to positively impact sales. For example, when inventory hits a defined threshold, alerts can be sent to management or additional units can be automatically re-ordered. Additionally, if integrated with an in-store digital signage solution, promotions can be adjusted if stock is low or high.

Analytics—With data in multiple places, it’s challenging and time-intensive to get any meaningful analytics. However, with centralized data, it’s much easier and faster to identify and access the right data and then glean valuable insights to improve the business, reduce expenses, increase sales and more.

Security—Regardless of what many believe, cloud-based databases are almost always more secure than on-premises server-based systems. Cloud providers are held to high standards and invest heavily in firewalls and security systems to ensure data is protected and backed up.

Scalability—As your retail customers grow and expand, the additional expense of servers and databases can be removed with a cloud-based solution. Oftentimes, getting additional processing power or storage is just a few clicks away and happens immediately.

Ease of use—Cloud-based systems are inherently easy to use and often have multiple integrations with other cloud-based platforms, further extending capabilities.

Costs—Cloud-based solutions, offered as a service, are usually pay-as-you-go operational expenses as opposed to a large capital expense. While some customers will prefer to own the hardware and software, most prefer the more manageable lower monthly cost associated with a cloud offering.

This last point might be the most compelling benefit of all. Retailers interested in an omnichannel migration are often dismayed with the option of replacing their existing technology. With a cloud-based solution, not only can you give them easy access to powerful information and analytics, high security, and scalability, it comes at a reasonable cost.

If you’d like more information on how to turn the idea of cloud-based omnichannel solutions into actual sales, contact Tom Jones, Technology Consultant II, Advanced Solutions, Pro-AV and Digital Signage, Ingram Micro.