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5 Ways That mPOS Solutions Can Benefit Professional Offices

October 05, 2017

5 Ways That mPOS Solutions Can Benefit Professional Offices

Estimates from the Labor Department indicate there are more than 778,000 working lawyers in the United States. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy puts the number of certified public accountants at about 664,000. The Journal of Medical Regulation lists more than 916,000 licensed physicians in the US.

While not all of these professionals work in an office setting, many of those who do aren't aware of the benefits of a mobile POS (mPOS) solution. Here are five you'll want to focus on:

1. Increased payment options

Consumers today prefer using cards (credit, debit, and prepaid) to other forms of payment. A recent survey found that 80 percent of respondents use their debit cards for everyday purchases and only 9% prefer to use cash.

Considering those preferences, it's easy to see how mobile payment options could benefit professionals like lawyers and CPAs, as well as medical offices of all stripes. Consumers are more likely to schedule and keep these types of appointments when they can use a card to pay for the service. Practitioners get money in their accounts more quickly without the hassle of getting to the bank or waiting for checks to clear.

2. Secure cloud data storage

For many solo practitioners and professional offices, handling and securing data is a challenge. Most IT support is off site, and problems are often tackled remotely. For these reasons, business owners are looking to cloud data storage rather than keeping information in the office.

Cloud-based mPOS fits seamlessly into the plan and limits access to sensitive customer card data. Businesses are less likely to suffer a data breach and can save time and money with a limited PCI compliance scope.

3. Reduced barriers to entry

For many professional offices, cash flow management is crucial in order to ensure expenses are met throughout the month and year. Adding a large up-front capital expenditure can be out of reach for these business owners. That's why mPOS solutions can be a good fit.

The mobile market includes a variety of pricing models and payment options. With the rise of software as a service, hardware as a service, and other monthly subscription options, business owners can fit mobility into their budget.

4. Speedier employee training

Often traditional wired POS solutions carry a steep learning curve for users. Hardware and software can be unfamiliar and unlike other systems used in the office. But many of the current mPOS offerings avoid those hurdles.

Today's mobile systems incorporate familiar hardware (tablets and smartphones) and include more intuitive software interfaces. Users in professional offices have a higher comfort level with these devices and master operations more quickly. Less time spent learning and troubleshooting mistakes means higher productivity for everyone in the office.

5. Greater business integration

While some business owners may just be looking for a payment solution, many could benefit from connections between mPOS and other back-end solutions. From time and attendance to appointment scheduling to accounting functions, integrating payments with the back office means more data about business operations.

If you're not reaching out to professional services businesses about mPOS, why not?

Have you had success selling mPOS solutions in professional office settings?