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5 Verticals Most Likely to Buy mPOS Solutions from You

August 20, 2017

5 Verticals Most Likely to Buy mPOS Solutions from You

Are you interested in recommending mobile point-of-sale solutions to your customers, but don't know where to start? Take a look at these stats.

In a single year, from 2011 to 2012, the number of mPOS terminals operating worldwide climbed from 4.5 million to 9.5 million. And that number is projected to reach 38 million by 2017. Not surprisingly, businesses in the United States are looking to this versatile and complementary technology.

mPOS systems are popping up in industries where there's a need to extend the register and get portable sales tools into the hands of employees. Those use cases include almost every business you can think of.

And that's where you come in. Reach out to existing or potential customers and get a conversation started about mPOS. Here are five places to start:

1. Boost in-store mobile sales for retailers

Although sales via ecommerce are growing at a faster rate than those in brick-and-mortar stores, most retail sales still occur within a physical storefront. And merchants are looking for ways to keep customers coming into their stores.

mPOS helps store associates improve the customer experience by accessing in-depth product information and inventory levels, finding products online or at another location, and grabbing more sales in the process.

2. Extend the register for restaurants

As the EMV transition nears and restaurants need to keep chip cards in the hands of customers, mPOS offers a forward-looking solution. For this reason and others, many establishments—from quick serve to fine dining—are incorporating mobile options throughout the entire experience.

Tablets and handhelds at the table allow customers to order at their own pace, encourage impulse purchases of drinks, appetizers, and desserts, and easily process card payments when the meal is over.

3. Speed hotel guests through check-in

Getting business travelers and vacationers into their rooms more quickly means greater satisfaction for guests and increased revenue opportunities for hotel owners. A customer waiting in the lobby isn't buying drinks at the bar, getting a spa treatment, or enjoying a meal in the restaurant.

Mobile point of sale moves associates out from behind the counter, shortens lines, and gets hotel guests into their rooms.

4. Arm delivery drivers with more payment options

Businesses offering delivery services have often limited customers to cash transactions or require advance payments. But mPOS offers a new dimension in card payment acceptance.

Arming each delivery employee with a wireless handheld device for card payments is cost-effective. Driver security improves, and studies show consumers make larger purchases when using a credit card instead of cash.

5. Help bars bust lines and manage tabs

If you've ever tried to buy a drink at a crowded bar, you know it can be hard to flag down a waitress or bartender. And on the flip side, employees often have a difficult time assigning drinks to the right tab and getting customers to pay for all those beverages.

Mobile POS solves these problems and more by giving bar owners multiple options. Wait staff armed with handhelds and mobile card readers can open and close tabs on the spot, upsell more expensive drinks, and quickly process payments.

Once you start reaching out to your customer base, you'll see how many business owners want and need mPOS solutions.

What verticals are proving most fruitful for you when selling mPOS?