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5 steps to approaching cloud-based backup in the data center

December 10, 2018

5 steps to approaching cloud-based backup in the data center

Instead of building your own backup solution or collocating with another data center for offsite data recovery, you can leverage the cloud for offsite backup and replication purposes. It’s appealing to many businesses because of the cloud’s consumption-based cost model. However, one size does not fit all, and cloud-based backup should be just one part of your overall data recovery strategy.

Read about the 5 steps you should follow to approach your data center’s cloud-based backup strategy.

  1. Learn what platforms are supported: You should look for cloud-based solutions that support your platforms, be they Linux, Mac OS or Windows. Also find out how long your provider has supported those platforms. The emphasis here is experience.
  2. Understand your cloud provider’s SLA: Make sure that your provider’s service level agreement (SLA) outlines what happens when you need to recover data. You want to avoid surprises, should the need arise.
  3. IT security and governance: As part of your overall due diligence, learn as much as you can about your cloud provider’s security and privacy policies and practices to protect you and your customers. Also request results of regular IT and financial audits to make sure they comply with any compliance requirements and that they’re in business for the long term.
  4. Data recovery time: Determine how much downtime your customers can accept, whether a file is lost or an entire application environment. One business may find that only two to three minutes are acceptable, while others can tolerate a day or two.
  5. Create a disaster recovery plan: Depending on the data recovery time you and your customers require, be sure to work with your cloud provider on a plan to facilitate data transfers for the quickest data recovery. To plan for the worst-case scenario, say, a regional disaster, where a major incident affects more than one of your cloud provider’s customers, your backup strategy should include the 3-2-1 data replication standard: Three copies of the data, two different storage types and one copy located remotely from the source. Read more in the three-step data center disaster recovery cheat sheet.

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