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5 services to help you sell more POS

Ring up higher POS sales with training, professional and financial services from Ingram Micro.

March 09, 2020

5 services to help you sell more POS

There’s a real argument to be made that most solution providers lack the resources (e.g., headcount, expertise, time, money) to best position themselves to triumph in the face of ever-increasing competition. If you’re among these solution providers, one of the easiest and fastest ways to overcome these challenges is to lean on your partners for assistance. Take, for instance, these five services Ingram Micro offers to help you increase your POS sales.

  1. Training and certification—Having trained and certified employees can serve as a differentiator and help you stand apart from your competition. Additionally, training on POS and related technologies, as well as industry trends, will help your employees better identify customer opportunities and potential solutions. Ingram Micro offers a variety of product-specific and general industry training and certification programs designed to keep your team on pace with change.
  2. Site surveys—As more restaurants and retailers adopt in-store solutions to engage with their customers, they must have the necessary networking infrastructure and security in place. Rather than shoulder the burden of performing thorough site surveys and assessments yourself, you can tag Ingram Micro for assistance in wireless network assessments, security tests and ethical penetration testing.
  3. Deployment assistance—At some point, you’ll have a sales opportunity that exceeds your current capabilities. In these instances, you’ll either pass on the work, refer it to someone else, or take on the project on the hope that you’ll succeed. If you want to keep the business for yourself while also increasing your odds for success, you can lean on Ingram Micro’s deployment services. Our team can act as your own and give you the people power you need to get the job done.
  4. Financial—The last thing you want is a customer who’s ready to spend, but lacks the credit to do so. Ingram Micro offers a variety of different flexible financing options for you and your customers, depending on your needs. This includes options that allow you to bundle technologies and services into as-a-service offerings, which are appealing to customers for the manageable monthly payment and to solution providers for the recurring revenue stream.
  5. Asset disposition--IT asset disposition (ITAD) is an often-overlooked service that most, if not all, solution providers could be extending to their customers. First, there’s almost always some residual private data left on devices slated to be thrown away. Second, our society is becoming increasingly interested in sustainability and proper disposal of materials. Ingram Micro can help you dispose of your customers’ old equipment the proper way.
Relying on partners like Ingram Micro can help you turn your sales goals into a reality. For more information on any of the services mentioned above, contact Daryl Schuster, Ingram Micro’s DCPOS expert.