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5 reasons retail and the cloud go together

November 09, 2020

5 reasons retail and the cloud go together
If you aren’t currently offering retailers cloud-based POS solutions, you could be making a fatal mistake. While many solution providers built substantial businesses by selling traditional POS and payment solutions, today’s competitive retail industry has many merchants looking to the cloud. Before you’re left behind, consider these five reasons why retail and the cloud now go hand in hand.

Lower operational costs—Retailers never had an appetite for costly and resource-draining technology upgrades. Moving to the cloud means there’s no longer the need for a back-office server. Additionally, many of today’s cloud-based solutions have done away with expensive and restrictive licensing and no longer rely on expensive hardware. Instead, retailers can tap into the latest technology for a more palatable monthly SaaS fee. The ability to purchase or upgrade technology without spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront is very enticing.

Future-proof—Purchasing a SaaS subscription for POS software means that retailers will never have to pay extra for new versions of the software. As the software developer adds new features or fixes bugs, they are immediately available via the cloud. Similarly, retailers on a HaaS plan can rest assured that should a piece of hardware fail, their subscription promises a replacement at no additional cost.

Better security—Many businesses are initially uncomfortable with the idea of their data being stored in the cloud, but the reality is that the cloud is a much safer, more secure option. It’s common for software vendors to use third-party cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft for the safe storage of their data. Such cloud offerings use encryption, advanced firewalls, intrusion detection, event logging, and physical security to protect digital assets. Frankly, most POS software vendors cannot compete with this level of protection nor should they try.

Scalability—With cloud-based POS solutions, it’s easier than ever for retailers to add or remove devices/terminals as needed. Combining mobile POS and payment hardware with cloud POS software allows retailers to offer additional checkout lanes during only peak seasonal shopping weeks. Additionally, some cloud software offers tiers of product capabilities that make it easy for retailers to pay as they grow into new features and capabilities.

Easy administration—By removing the need for a back-office server, retailers have one less thing to secure and maintain. Additionally, since updates are immediately available via the cloud, retailers can rest assured that all POS terminals are using the same software regardless of their location.

All these truths, among others, combine to create a compelling reason why retailers are migrating to the cloud. Rather than fight this trend, forward-thinking solution providers have added cloud solutions to their line cards. They’ve done this not only because it’s the direction the entire industry is irreversibly heading, but also because it offers them inherent benefits. Cloud POS is easy to support, more secure, encourages successful retailers, and can build lucrative SaaS recurring revenue streams.

To learn how to supercharge your line card by bringing together retail and the cloud, contact Daryl Schuster, Ingram Micro’s POS expert.