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4 Vendors Changing How Point of Sale Displays are Utilized

April 02, 2017

4 Vendors Changing How Point of Sale Displays are Utilized

The retail and hospitality industry is always looking for new technology that will improve efficiency and offers flexibility, and the latest mobile and handheld technologies are driving new applications for touch screen point of sale displays. In fact, the touch screen display market is expected to reach $31.9 billion by 2018, and an increasing number of those sales are for devices that will be used for retail and hospitality. Retailers are turning to smart point of sale displays using touch screens that are customizable to any in-store or restaurant application.

Here are just a few of the latest innovators in touch screen technology that are creating new possibilities for point of sale displays:

1.  Elo Touch Solutions offers a variety of touch screen monitors for use as retail point of sale displays. What makes the ELO touch screens different is the packaging. Developed specifically for retail, the systems are designed with solid-state systems or a built-in hard drive to operate as standalone computers. They also feature different touch technologies for use in restaurants, self-service, or other environments and can be activated with a finger, stylus, card, or even a gloved hand.

2.  HP Retail Solutions – Hewlett Packard has a 17-inch retail touch monitor designed for durability and performance in either a rugged retail or hospitality setting.  The multi-touch Projected Capacitive display system offers an experience similar to that of a smartphone or tablet.

3. NCR – The NCR Touch POS is a versatile POS system that supports multiple operating systems. It features a flexible layout with up to 255 possible key locations, including 12 selector or menu keys that control a 6x6 key matrix for logical menu layouts. It also features images on the keys for easy product identification.

4. 3M Touch Systems – 3M is making strides in touchscreen systems with both single-touch and mutli-touch displays. The multi-touch displays offer high-definition graphics and wide viewing angles in an integrated and customizable multi-touch device. The single-touch display is highly durable and ideal for use in retail, industry, healthcare, and transportation. 3M Touch Systems displays are proving valuable for both point-of-purchase and self-service applications. For example, one paint manufacturer adapted 3M’s touch screen system to develop a self-service paint selection system for big box retailers.

These are just some of the touch screen vendors developing innovations that are shaping the future of point of sale displays. What have you seen lately that excites you about the possibilities offered by new POS displays?