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3 Ways to Show Customers mPOS Is Here to Stay

November 16, 2017

3 Ways to Show Customers mPOS Is Here to Stay

It’s clear that mPOS adoption is on the rise among multiple industry verticals and in businesses across the revenue spectrum. Here are three use cases that will help you convince your clients that mPOS is here to stay:

1. mPOS Is Moving Beyond Retail

At first glance, mobility is perfectly suited to retail businesses. That’s where the technology first caught the eye of small-business owners and enterprise organizations. But it’s not the only industry vertical taking advantage of the capabilities of mPOS.

While department stores saw the largest uptick (107 percent) in mPOS shipments in 2015, restaurants and hospitality also grew at a rate of 90 percent. Healthcare organizations are mobilizing electronic health records and patient registration forms and expanding payment options for consumers.

mPOS is also making a strong showing at sporting events, concerts, and other live performances. Vendors adopting mobile solutions report larger and more frequent purchases of food, beverages, and souvenirs. Consumer payments are quick and secure, increasing satisfaction.

2. mPOS Boosts Revenue and Productivity

For restaurant owners, increasing the size of the average check can mean a substantial bump in revenue. When mPOS is added to the mix, realizing those added sales may not require additional staffing. That’s due to tableside ordering platforms.

When restaurants give consumers mobile devices at the table, good things happen. Patrons can place multiple orders without involving the server every time. Orders reach the kitchen automatically, cutting down on customer wait times and reducing server bottlenecks at fixed POS locations. Customers pay using the mobile device, eliminating the wait for a check and increasing tips with automated prompts.

Mobility at the POS also busts lines during peak traffic times, getting customers out the door faster and preventing abandoned purchases. Armed with a mobile device, employees can locate inventory, recommend complementary items, and accept payment.

3. mPOS Combats Showrooming

As more and more consumers use a mobile device in stores to check prices, merchants worry about losing business to competitors via online channels. While some customers will just go home and buy online when the price is lower, many can be swayed by other factors. That’s where mPOS systems can make a difference.

Savvy business owners are using mPOS to engage with customers in stores, offering coupons and discounts, beefing up loyalty programs, and providing superior customer service. For those with e-commerce channels, mobile solutions help connect online stores with brick and mortar. Mobility also plays a part as merchants move toward true omnichannel experiences for customers.

Once your clients see how mobility can add value to their business, you’ll soon be working together to upgrade POS systems.

How are you showing your customers that mPOS is a worthwhile investment in the future?