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6 popular CSS services (and why you should use them)

August 02, 2021

6 popular CSS services (and why you should use them)
If you haven't checked out Ingram Micro's Communication Solution Services (CSS), now is the time. Service providers and IT solution providers hoping to take their voice offering to the next level of efficiency and profitability can leverage a host of UCC services that can significantly impact their businesses.


  1. API—Ingram Micro CSS offers RESTful API web services to help partners utilize its provisioning services to streamline the deployment of their hosted service offerings. The XML-based APIs allow you to automate many processes involved in order creation, quote generation and more. Data such as MAC addresses, serial numbers, and tracking information are returned after the transaction is processed, eliminating additional touchpoints, increasing speed, reducing human error and saving labor costs.
  2. Provisioning—Ingram Micro CSS offers a provisioning system to provide a complete plug-and-play customer premises equipment (CPE) deployment to be drop-shipped to your customers. Device template management, certified firmware application and single- and multi-stage configurations are supported. This service can save service providers thousands of dollars by eliminating truck rolls and automating the provisioning process.
  3. RMA—Ingram Micro honors a one-year warranty on equipment from the day of the initial invoice. Return for Credit RMAs are self-service through the Ingram Micro CSS web portal up to 120 days from the original date the product was purchased. Replacement products can be requested using either the "advanced replacement" or "replace upon receipt" RMA types.
  4. Extension validation—An add-on to the provisioning service, each device is tested using its MAC or serial information before an order ships. When the end user receives the phones, they are plug-and-play ready with the user's name and extension. This increases customer satisfaction and greatly reduces the chances of DOA equipment.
  5. Branding—This complimentary add-on to the Ingram Micro CSS provisioning service gives service providers the ability to have their branding included with shipped equipment. For example, customized quick start guides can be included with phones, as well as custom E911 inserts, box sleeves and more. It's also possible to have assets labeled with their MAC addresses, extension, part number and more before shipment.
  6. Vendor lockdown services—Ingram Micro CSS lockdown service is a portal that gives service providers the ability to lock devices at the MAC address level to that provider's offerings. As a result, customers who try to take their equipment to another service provider won't be able to.
These are just a few ways CSS can help service providers gain efficiencies in their UCC services. For more information on any of the above services or to learn more about Ingram Micro CSS, contact Crystal Adamson, Ingram Micro's CSS and UCC expert.

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