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Create a collaborative education experience with Cisco

March 06, 2018

Create a collaborative education experience with Cisco

Implementing the latest technology doesn’t automatically create a collaborative learning environment, however. Some teachers’ and students’ digital classroom experience more closely resembles Tripp Crosby’s “Conference Call in Real Life” video, where we see participants losing their connections, experiencing audio dropouts, computer freeze-ups and other distractions.

Cisco Spark uses the cloud to make collaboration a reality

Cisco products such as Cisco Spark, Cisco Spark Board, WebEx, Cisco Collaboration Endpoints (e.g., Collaboration Desk Endpoints) and Learning Management System (LMS) integrations were created as an antidote to the above scenarios.

Cisco Spark Board is a touch-based, three-in-one collaboration device for wireless presentation, whiteboarding and videoconferencing. It features a 55-inch LED screen, a 4K camera to capture a high-resolution view of an entire room, a 12-microphone array with automatic amplification of voices and capacitive touch. One of its key differentiators from other smart boards and videoconferencing systems is that it’s delivered entirely from the Cisco cloud, which reduces the expense, complexity and limitations of proprietary video systems and platforms. Built on the Cisco Spark platform and integrated with WebEx, users gain access to the full feature set via computer workstations, tablets or smartphones, which means no more hunting for meeting rooms. Additionally, users can easily switch between devices during the conference (e.g., from desktop to mobile or vice versa) without having to log out and back in again—and without disrupting other participants.

Each Cisco Spark meeting is video-centric, so users don’t need to think about what type of conference they need before scheduling. Mobile users get features such as single-number reach, single-voicemail service, video services and the ability to seamlessly move between devices during a call. Plus, every time users log in, Cisco Spark is up to date—there are no disruptive updates or security patches to worry about, ever.

Although previous videoconferencing systems have greatly lowered the bar for conference call expectations, those who try Cisco Spark will quickly find several advantages of being able to see other users on calls; hear everyone clearly; and share schedules, files and ideas in real time—the way collaboration was always supposed to work.

Why Cisco collaboration through Ingram Micro is the smart choice

Ingram Micro offers and supports the entire suite of Cisco collaboration products and solutions: IP phones, Contact Center, Unified Communications Manager, Business Edition 6000, Business Video/TelePresence, Jabber and more. Our Cisco-dedicated business unit is committed to making it easier for our partners to sell and maintain high profitability. We offer quarterly free educational and product update boot camps. Plus, partners can participate in our Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) Campaign, which includes advanced training, reimbursement funding, lead generation, certification road maps and growth incentives.

Contact our expert team today for more information about our collaboration-specific events and programs:

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