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A winning combination: Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and Cisco Cloud solutions

April 18, 2017

A winning combination: Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and Cisco Cloud solutions

At Ingram Micro, we’re focused on helping our partners keep up with the constantly evolving cloud landscape, and it’s showing. Earlier this year, Jeff Byrne, senior analyst and consultant at Taneja Group—a premiere boutique analyst firm providing analysis and consulting for the technology industry—wrote that his eyes were opened as he learned about Ingram Micro’s cloud strategy and offerings. “Ingram [Micro] may be the world’s largest tech distributor, but the energy and creativity of the Cloud leadership team go well beyond what you might expect to find in a traditional IT distribution entity,” he says.

A big part of our successful foray into the cloud can be seen in our Cloud Marketplace, an online ecosystem that brings together buyers and sellers to conduct business on a single platform with confidence and ease. Another key to our success comes from working with leading cloud vendors like Cisco, which has a synergistic cloud strategy to ours, along with standout offerings like:

  • Cisco Spark: An all-in-one cloud-based communications solution that brings enterprise-class telephony, messaging, and web and video conferencing together in a simple, secure and complete service.
  • Mobility IQ: An SaaS analytics prepaid subscription service that’s hosted on Cisco Cloud Solutions and available through Ingram Micro, it provides IT solution providers with a real-time view of network activity across customers’ Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE networks. Cisco Mobility IQ provides intelligence that enhances operational efficiency and business value in three key ways:
  • Cisco network intelligence:By providing a single, dynamic picture of the health of the entire network, Mobility IQ helps optimize performance and identifies problem areas so they can be addressed.
  • Cisco user intelligence:By providing more holistic insights into indoor and outdoor mobile user behaviors, such as location and social media activity, Mobility IQ enables delivery of the appropriate services and experience at precisely the right moments.
  • Cisco business intelligence:By providing business customers—such as venues, retailers and transport hubs—real-time, actionable information about customer and end-user trends, Mobility IQ enables businesses to make informed commercial decisions and glean greater value from their respective service-provider offerings.
  • Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite: This solution suite is built on a modular architecture that enables companies to start with basic infrastructure automation and expand into IT and business-based service delivery. Companies can transition from manual to automated service and give their customers the flexibility to engage and collaborate with them however they choose. The modular approach of the Cloud Suite also supports self-service automation and allows organizations to experience a quicker return on investment.
  • Cisco CloudCenter: This application-centric hybrid cloud management platform provides visibility and control across more than 19 data center, private cloud and public cloud environments. Developers, DevOps engineers and network admins can all use one platform to model, deploy and manage applications. Cisco CloudCenter defines and configures the infrastructure as opposed to fitting the application to a preconfigured infrastructure-centric blueprint or template.

Cisco’s hybrid cloud offerings provide partners with a simple way to get started and grow as their expertise in cloud services evolves. Plus, managing heterogeneous hardware and delivering hybrid cloud capabilities virtually eliminates cloud lock-in and helps increase customers’ organizational speed and flexibility. Additionally, these cloud solutions contain built-in features that support business compliance and security.

Interested in getting a closer look at Cisco Cloud solutions? Stop by the Cisco On Tap booth at Cloud Summit 2017, April 19–21 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix.