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Why should you sell IBM’s open, secure hybrid multicloud?

IBM Cloud

November 12, 2020

Why should you sell IBM’s open, secure hybrid multicloud?

Open innovation, security leadership, enterprise scalability
IBM’s hybrid multicloud has the power to consistently build and deploy applications anywhere, freeing clients from vendor lock-in and aiding in adherence to compliance and governance requirements.

In addition to discussing the financial benefits of IBM Cloud, experts will share IBM’s approach to open innovation and security leadership, as well as its enterprise-grade capabilities.

Are your customers harnessing the power of its market-leading security, enterprise scalability and open innovation? Check out the first in our four-part webinar series, “Why IBM Cloud?” to learn how IBM Software and Ingram Micro can help them increase their agility, continuity, and advanced data and AI capabilities from this next-generation hybrid cloud platform.


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