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Renee Bergeron Debuts Ingram Micro’s Ecosystem of Cloud During Opening Keynote at #CS16

April 12, 2017

Renee Bergeron Debuts Ingram Micro’s Ecosystem of Cloud During Opening Keynote at #CS16

Renee Bergeron, Ingram Micro’s Vice President of Cloud Computing delivered the opening keynote at Cloud Summit 2016 on Tuesday. With the room full and the energy high, Bergeron initiated her presentation by tapping into our current digital landscape. The tone was quickly set, and the notion was clear: Cloud is the new norm, and everyone wants in. It is significantly impacting every aspect of our lives, from what we wear to how we communicate — and now it’s the platform from which everything is built.

With that, Bergeron introduced the Ingram Micro Ecosystem of Cloud: The only place for CSPs, ISVs, and end users can fully manage their cloud businesses from discovery through consumption with the quality backing and support of Ingram Micro.

Bergeron then asked the audience, “So, what’s your platform?” and unveiled two new cloud delivery platforms, Odin Automation Essentials and the Ingram Micro Cloud Store, which are now generally available to channel partners.

Bergeron invited Odin’s Senior Vice President, Pavel Ershov to the stage to deliver a 101 on Odin Automation Essentials. “Start your cloud business in five hours through Odin Automation Essentials,” Eshov declared. The room buzzed, and there was no need for the morning coffee when the crowd heard this. So what is OA Essentials you ask? Simply put, it is a downloadable software solution that cloud providers can use to sell, manage, and provision solutions form a single portal.

Next, Bergeron detailed the Ingram Micro Cloud Store, a partner-branded, hosted e-storefront that allows partners to manage their entire business through a single online portal. As an extension to the partner’s own e-commerce website, customers can transact on the Cloud Marketplace as if it were through the partner’s own business.

“With these platforms, you have a springboard to tap into this digital revolution,” noted Bergeron.

Another exciting new announcement was the general availability of the Ingram Micro Cloud Referral Program, developed for those who want to focus on their traditional business but still leverage the opportunities of cloud — without the required investments. The idea is easy: Partners place web banners on their website; customers click on these banners and are then directed to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace; all resulting sales and services from then on are conducted by Ingram Micro, with the partner receiving a commission for the referral.

And just when you thought the keynote was at its close, Bergeron unveiled “Cloud Echo”, an exclusive social customer-facing platform that allows partners to add value to their business by sharing relevant and industry-related news with a simple click of a button to customers and businesses.

The pace of cloud growth is truly phenomenal and it was evident Bergeron’s presentation clearly resonated well with the audience — leaving many partners eager to test out the new cloud delivery platforms at the Tech Fair.

So, I leave here with a simple question to you. What’s you platform strategy?

Reported on and written by Danielle Gaut.