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Partner Success Story: Heartland Technology Services Drives Customer Success with Ingram Micro

September 23, 2017

Partner Success Story: Heartland Technology Services Drives Customer Success with Ingram Micro


Longevity in the technology industry is difficult to achieve, but Heartland Technology Services (HTS) has managed to make it work, surviving two recessions, the dot-com burst, and Y2K. Their strategy is to adapt to evolving industries and change.

When cloud computing emerged several years ago, HTS recognized the immediate benefits and entered into the cloud disaster recovery market. With the help of its technology business partner, Ingram Micro, HTS successfully located a reliable off-site facility to provide disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions. Today, over 650 of HTS’ customers located throughout the Midwest depend on the company for their data backup needs.

While engaging a manufacturing customer about their disaster recovery solutions, HTS quickly realized how much Ingram Micro’s value-driven support could bring to the client. HTS found the Ingram Micro Service Desk appealing because it offered affordable, scalable, and quality-driven capabilities needed to lower operating expenses while providing customers with an unparalleled support experience.

“Our customers rely on us to deliver exceptional customer service and support,” said Connie Artenson, VP of Service Operations. “We had tried using outsourced help desk services with another company, but they failed to meet our standards. However, Ingram Micro’s support offering was much different. For example, they enabled us to purchase an 800 number. Now, when any customer calls for support, they’re greeted by a certified support technician representing our company, which strengthens our brand. I know our customers are in good hands when utilizing Ingram Micro’s support capabilities to accelerate and grow their cloud businesses.”

The Ingram Micro Service Desk has benefitted HTS, offering a source of monthly recurring revenue and allowing the company to focus its IT resources on more strategic projects, which positively impact the business.

“Leveraging Ingram Micro and its cloud offerings have also led to conversations with our customers about bigger cloud-based opportunities with HTS,” said Artenson. You can get the full story and learn more about HTS by reading the full case study and the accompanying press release.