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Ingram Micro Shares Ways You Can Drive Business through Social Selling

April 12, 2017

Ingram Micro Shares Ways You Can Drive Business through Social Selling

We are sitting in this big room called the Internet — an interactive, interconnected network that allows you to develop relationships and interact with anyone virtually anywhere. Building your personal brand through social media is the name of the game in this heightened digital era. So how do you separate yourself from your competition in this digitally-motivated business landscape? The answer, according to Ingram Micro’s Kyle Peterson, is two words: social selling.

So what is social selling? Social selling is using social media, social networking, and online information to drive revenue. Kyle educated Cloud Summit event attendees on the methods and ways you can promote your personal brand and deliver greater value to your business.

One takeaway from the presentation was straightforward, yet highly effective: Do your homework. When you are trying to network with someone you don’t know personally, study their social media channels. Did they go to school in your hometown? Do they enjoy yoga? Are they big sports fans? Identify what you have in common with them — this extra ammunition can go a long way when building relationships and potentially exploiting big business deals.

Peterson also dedicated a portion of his breakout to educating the audience on Ingram Micro’s newly unveiled social platform, Cloud Echo. Cloud Echo is a free and exclusive platform now available to all Ingram Micro channel partners that enables them to find, learn, and share valuable content and news to the targeted businesses they serve. The user-based platform filters news and content into various vertical categories such as legal, finance, education, and healthcare. This allows partners to share vertical-specific content to their targeted customers while positioning themselves as thought leaders and business experts.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your Twitter egg-head default pic be the downfall to your social presence and personal brand.

What ways are you going to leverage social selling for your cloud practice? Let us know in the comments below!

Reported on and written by Danielle Gaut.