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Ingram Micro Service Desk Q&A

August 24, 2017

Ingram Micro Service Desk Q&A

Excellent customer service is essential to any successful cloud business, and Ingram Micro is committed to offering value-driven support services to channel partners. Our support capabilities come with over 15 years of customer services experience gained through our acquisition of SoftCom, a global cloud services provider. Our ability to deliver value-driven support services, combined with the Cloud Marketplace, provides channel partners a trusted and reliable platform to help them accelerate and grow their cloud services business.

In today’s post, we sit down with Kimberly A. Smith, Market Development Executive, to learn more about the basics of Ingram Micro Service Desk.

IM: What is the Ingram Micro Service Desk offering?

KS: The Ingram Micro Service Desk offers resellers the ability to leverage a combination of the industry’s most extensive SLAs and exceptional Level 1 support provided by ITIL-certified agents. By serving as an extension of your organization, the Ingram Micro Service Desk is able to remediate everyday front office and desktop environment issues.  If your customer has an IT-related support request, they can contact our service desk via phone, chat, or email and receive assistance from one of our trained agents.  We have a 24/7/365 operation in which our agents are continuously monitored against 38 different quality assurance attributes. Organizations can also white-label Ingram Micro Service Desk and port over their own 1-800 number for free, strengthening their brand and customer service capacity.

IM: What type of availability is included with the Ingram Micro Service Desk offering?  Can I run my services onshore or offshore?

KS: The Ingram Micro Service Desk has three flexible service plans available to channel partners and their customers. Support options are available from your choice of our North American Onshore (Toronto, ON) or Offshore (Sofia, Bulgaria & Manila, Philippines) teams.  As a reseller, you can also select from a 24×7, 8×5, or After Hours Support option which includes weekends.

IM: Why should an Ingram Micro Cloud partner consider leveraging the Ingram Micro Service Desk in their offerings?

KS: Channel partners can provide their customers the features and functionality of a full service desk.  Customers can experience delivery in the hours that you choose with full branded capability, giving you a smooth overall experience.  You can choose to either fully outsource your service desk or let Ingram Micro know what customers and hours you would like us to handle, including after hours and weekend support.  The Ingram Micro Service Desk allows you to solve customer incidents and requests while increasing revenue, allowing you more time to focus on your core business.

IM: What communication options are there for end customers to contact the service desk?

KS:  Resellers leveraging the Ingram Micro Service Desk will be given the option to set up to three communication options for their customers to contact our Service Desk. Available choices include phone, chat, and email, and are set up during your onboarding at no additional charge.  Porting over your own 1-800 number is free, or you can purchase one from us for a one-time $30 charge. Chat and email support is also offered at no additional charge.

IM: How does the onboarding process work?

KS: Ingram Micro has developed a regimented three-phase onboarding process, allowing us to bring up the Service Desk for your customers within seven days:

  • Introduction: We begin by setting up your company profile, understanding your customers, collecting your knowledgebase, and organizing ticketing procedures and escalation practices. Additionally we will gain an understanding of how your customers will plan to use the Service Desk.
  • Configuration: Next, we’ll configure your customer’s site and begin assigning seats to your customers.
  • Authentication: Finally, we authenticate and set up your users.

IM: I have a PSA tool.  Do you integrate with Autotask or ConnectWise?

KS: Yes!  The Ingram Micro Service Desk has a middleware that is built in-house allowing us to integrate with both PSA tools, delivering full visibility into all tickets in progress.  Once the ticket has been synchronized, it will stay synced for the duration. If a ticket needs to be escalated back to the reseller, we will use your PSA tool to escalate this ticket back to you (if that is how you have chosen to be notified). You will have full visibility to all notes on how the issue has been remediated.

IM: Can the Ingram Micro Service Desk be private labeled for individual resellers?

KS: Yes!  The Ingram Micro Service Desk is a fully white-labeled offering, allowing resellers to brand and customize the service as their own.  When your customers contact our service desk over email, phone, or chat, the service will look like your very own, complete with a personalized greeting.

I’m still interested! Where can I find more information on Ingram Micro Service Desk?

If you’d like to get started with the Ingram Micro Service Desk, contact me or any one of our Cloud Sales Specialists today at 800-705-7057 extension 5, or at cloud.management@ingrammicro.com. For more information, visit our website at www.ingrammicrocloud.com/service-desk or contact Kimberly Smith, at 800-456-8000 x66378 / Kimberly.Smith@ingrammicro.com