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IBM Taps into Hybrid Cloud Strategy at Cloud Summit 2016

April 13, 2017

IBM Taps into Hybrid Cloud Strategy at Cloud Summit 2016

The second day of general session opened with Bill Karpovich, GM of IBM Cloud Platform taking main stage to enlighten the packed room of attendees on the power of IBM’s Hybrid Cloud.

Karpovich began his keynote with a stat: 1/3 of the top companies in every industry will be disrupted by the cloud. With IBM Cloud generating $10 billion in revenue last year, it is clear this global IT leader is doing something right in the cloud. Their cloud strategy is clear-cut and simple: Hybrid.

According to Karpovich, “Where we are today is very much about hybrid and building customer applications.” With hybrid cloud is accelerating the introduction of innovative business models, IBM foresees their clients and markets dominantly shifting towards the hybrid cloud experience to speed innovation and maximize value.

With the one size does not fit all mentality, IBM is pursuing the hybrid cloud strategy to solve its clients biggest pain points, including speed, control, scale, innovation, and skills. Enabling innovation for mutual clients, IBM also showcased its comprehensive cloud portfolio which encompassed hybrid integration, security and managed services. Karpovich also touched on IBM Watson going hybrid to help companies to connect their data with web applications in the cloud.

By the end of the keynote, one thing was clear. IBM is eager to expand the Ecosystem of Cloud with Ingram Micro.

Learn more about how Ingram Micro and IBM can accelerate your innovation with hybrid cloud. Visit: https://us.cloud.im/en/products/ibm/softlayer/?_ga=1.137701296.1226104566.1431477622

 Reported on and written by Danielle Gaut.