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Grammy-Nominated Musician Thomas Dolby Takes Main Stage at Cloud Summit 2016

April 13, 2017

Grammy-Nominated Musician Thomas Dolby Takes Main Stage at Cloud Summit 2016

Famed 80’s-pop-star-turned-technology-entrepreneur, Thomas Dolby lit up the room with his charm, wit, and magnetic personality during Wednesday’s Cloud Summit general session. The room was filled with laughter, music, and yes, Dolby’s oh so famous catch phrase, “She Blinded Me With Science!”

Dolby shared his fascinating life journey with the crowd, ranging from personal photographs of him taking stage as a big time 80’s pop star (and his many hairdos) to his experiences as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley where he founded Beatnik.

It was at Beatnik where Dolby was really able to leverage his natural ability to integrate music with technology. Nokia caught wind of these talents and quickly sought help on a sound solution for their mobile phones. The end result gave birth to the world’s best-known ringtone and most played tune in history. Is the tune not ringing a bell? Google search “Nokia’s Original Ringtone” and it will all make sense. 

Dolby even awed the crowd with a live performance of his MTV favorite, She Blinded Me with Science, and boy he did not miss a beat!

After Dolby’s performance, he lightheartedly teased the audience, “So what does this have to do with cloud services—I don’t really know the answer.”

And whether or not the presentation had anything to do with the cloud revolution, Dolby’s journey and life experiences were truly inspiring.

Reported on and written by Danielle Gaut.