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Why your retail customers are a perfect fit for Cisco Simple

January 29, 2019

Why your retail customers are a perfect fit for Cisco Simple
To satisfy today’s digital-savvy shoppers, retailers must adapt to changing buyer habits and demands for more engaging in-store experiences. Associates need to be empowered with new capabilities and skillsets. Fulfillment systems need to be more flexible and more efficient. And technology must enable the kinds of in-store and supply chain innovations that keep customers coming back time after time. For all these needs and more, Ingram Micro and Cisco Simple IT have a solution.
Some of the technologies and applications that help retailers raise their store IQ and give their customers a better shopping experience include:
Line busting—A survey conducted by TimeTrade revealed that the average consumer won’t wait more than 10 minutes to pay for items. Make them wait any longer, and they’ll go to another merchant that offers the same products—or they’ll shop online. Line busting capabilities associated with mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions help retailers keep checkout lines short and customers happy.
Shopper analytics—The majority of today’s shoppers bring their smartphone with them, and when these devices connect to the retailers’ guest Wi-Fi network, they share enough metrics to give the store owner a comprehensive picture of what customers want. They also give retailers an opportunity to turn those metrics into preferential actions via personalized ads and highly customized sales offers.
Next-generation interactions—Self-service kiosks ease store navigation, promote the in-store “endless aisle” concept and bring Web delivery alternatives to in-store shoppers. According to a 2018 PYMNTS Kiosk and Retail Report, consumers spend 30% more when they order through self-service kiosks. Plus, self-service kiosks can reveal insights that would otherwise remain unknowable. For example, someone might sign in to enter their personal information, thereby allowing stores to instantly capture demographic information that can be used in their marketing campaigns. Additionally, while using a kiosk to browse through what’s in stock, the kiosk can capture vital metrics such as time spent browsing through product listings and popular search terms.

A simple solution for retailers’ complex technology needs
One of the biggest challenges to providing retailers with the technology solutions they need is procuring and integrating multiple products from multiple vendors at an affordable cost. Ingram Micro and Cisco Simple IT solve these challenges by uniting multiple technology needs into a simple, secure, reliable and cost-effective solution that’s easy to manage. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cisco Umbrella—This cloud-delivered network security offering gives in-store shoppers extra security protection (from browsing merchandise to completing a sale on a kiosk or an mPOS device) without the inconvenience of using a VPN (virtual private network). Plus, there’s no hardware to install, it’s always up-to-date and partners can manage all their customers’ security activities from a single portal.
  • Cisco Meraki—A leader in cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, Cisco Meraki provides switching, routing and security, so partners can deliver highly secure and scalable enterprise networks that enable faster connections and more coverage. Cisco Meraki’s location and analytics engagement solution displays real-time location statistics that store owners can use for their analytics and customer loyalty initiatives.
  • Cisco Webex Teams—These enterprise-grade collaboration tools enable highly secure internal and external communication, and they’re the perfect foundation for an interactive kiosk solution. Webex Teams is a fully encrypted pervasive messaging tool that allows users to send and store messages quickly, share and store documents (up to 5 MB), incorporate bots and custom integrations with Cisco’s open APIs, and more.
To learn more about Cisco Simple IT or to connect with Ingram Micro’s software desk team, call (800) 456-8000, ext. 76747, or send an email to ciscosoftware@ingrammicro.com.