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Why lifecycle selling is the smart way to grow your business

The rewards for focusing on your customer’s success just got bigger.

July 06, 2020

Why lifecycle selling is the smart way to grow your business
Today’s customers aren’t just looking for products—they’re looking for business outcomes and a superior experience. At the same time, the market is evolving and moving toward a subscription economy where the value of a customer is realized over time. You need a practice that can help you cultivate a relationship with your customer and deliver the full potential of your solutions.
Studies show that solution providers with a customer success practice experience 2.5x higher software growth, and those with adoption services triple their renewal rates. It all starts with building your lifecycle offerings.
How Ingram Micro helps—and rewards—Cisco lifecycle selling
Partner programs like the Customer Experience Specialization and Lifecycle Incentives recognize your investments and reward you for ensuring your customers realize the full value of the software you sold them. Training, mentoring and the Customer Experience Specialization help you to improve your expertise, reduce deployment risk and differentiate your business as you build up your practice and repeatable offers.
Cisco’s programs are designed to assist you no matter where you are on your lifecycle practice journey. If you’re just getting started, our programs can help reduce the risk of building a new practice by offsetting your costs and making it possible to offer attractive pricing on your new services. If you have a mature practice, you can apply these incentives toward increasing your reach and differentiation for your lifecycle services.
The programs are designed to work together as you invest in and build your practice. The more value you deliver to your customer, the more you’ll earn. Partners can earn additional incentives as they uncover new opportunities, expand the original deal and eventually renew the software.
To learn more about Cisco lifecycle incentives, visit cisco.com/go/lifecycleincentives.   
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