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Webex Control Hub: an easier way to manage, analyze and secure your Webex services

Cisco Webex Control Hub helps you provide the best collaboration options for your customers.

January 21, 2020

Webex Control Hub: an easier way to manage, analyze and secure your Webex services
MarketWatch estimates that half of the U.S. workforce, primarily knowledge workers and executives, will work remotely this year. With so many workers telecommuting rather than reporting to a common office location, many of your customers will be challenged to provide them with reliable communication tools that keep them connected with other members of their teams.
To make it easier for teams to connect and collaborate, Cisco offers Webex Calling, a new enterprise-class, native cloud solution, which combines the Cisco BroadCloud platform and Cisco Webex. The solution is available to Ingram Micro partners under the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan.
Manage, analyze and secure your Webex services with Webex Control Hub
While collaboration solutions like Webex Calling make it easier for users to be productive beyond the four walls of the office, they also add administrative complexity. Cisco Webex Control Hub solves these challenges and provides administrators with industry-leading security features and centralized management of all Webex communications — calling, messaging, meetings, contact center, team collaboration and Webex devices.
Giving users an exceptional meeting experience also requires accurate monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide actionable data insights. Webex Control Hub provides advanced analytics, like per-user and per-minute insights for every meeting. The color-coded interface of Control Hub makes it simple for administrators to drill down and see potential issues impacting meetings, so they can take corrective actions. Detailed diagnostics include health metrics and rich insights about each user, such as how a participant joined the conference, client type and version, and the platform, operating system and peripherals being used, such as microphone, speaker and camera.
Detailed analytics (e.g., total meetings, total meeting minutes, usage by participant minutes, top meeting locations, usage by location) help admins understand adoption and usage trends and see how they change over time.
Simplify Webex sales with the Cisco Collaboration Experience Program
The Cisco Collaboration Experience Program (CCEP) is designed to give Cisco collaboration partners an easier way to set up and deliver Webex feature demos without any configuration requirements. The CCEP includes a partner toolbox comprising self-service tools for both sales and technical roles that allow partners to familiarize themselves with Control Hub and demo and train their customers. To get started, visit https://CCEPtoolbox.com and register. To get authenticated, you’ll need a CCO ID, CCO email and Webex Teams sign-in email.