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Should you become a Webex Ambassador?

November 01, 2021

Should you become a Webex Ambassador?
Are you a Cisco Webex partner doing amazing things with collaboration and want to give back to the Webex community? Then, the Webex Ambassador program is for you.
Webex Ambassador is a new certification-based learning program from Cisco that promotes:


  • Webex learning across the portfolio
  • A certificate of completion, badge and avatar frame
  • Recognition and rewards for your Webex insights
  • A listing in the Webex Community directory
To qualify for the program, partners must complete courses to progress through four levels of distinction:


  1. Webex Power User—Level up your Webex skills with product overviews, best practices and self-troubleshooting training. Become a champion for hybrid work and inclusive collaboration in your company with Webex.
  2. Associate Ambassador—This certification is designed for you if you support Webex in your organization and want to know everything there is to know about Webex and collaboration. Annual learning certificates are available for IT Admin and Adoption Advocate. Partners at this level give back to the Webex community through sharing knowledge and success stories.
  3. Professional Ambassador—This level is for partners who lead collaboration at their organization and want to share their successful practice with others. Annual learning certificates for IT Admin and Adoption Champion are available. Professional Ambassador partners give back to the Webex community through sharing knowledge, success stories, invitations to user surveys and participating in monthly private events.
  4. Webex Expert—This certification level is for Professional Ambassadors who want to influence the future of Webex. Webex Experts give back to the Webex community through thought leadership and speaking opportunities. They also co-create with Cisco and help influence innovation with insider access to development and adoption teams to drive rapid growth and successful outcomes with collaboration.
The Webex Ambassador program helps partners get the most out of their communication and collaboration tool. Additionally, partners can point their customers to the program’s website, which includes on-demand videos to assist with onboarding and training.
To learn more about the program and sign up, download “Have you checked out the new Webex Ambassador program yet?” by clicking the button below.

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