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Understand customers better with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) and CMX Engage

September 05, 2017

Understand customers better with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) and CMX Engage

For years, Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) has helped merchants better understand shoppers and provide them with a more rewarding experience that leads to increased loyalty and higher revenue for the merchant. Through the CMX location insights and engagement platform, physical businesses can build connections with shoppers in ways previously unimaginable like analyzing visitor at-location behavior, inferring their intent, creating brand experiences and engaging store visitors with relevant context within a physical space.

The perfect complement to CMX: Cisco CMX Engage

To help retailers optimize their CX strategy, Cisco introduced CMX Engage, a location insights and engagement cloud software platform. CMX Engage integrates with Cisco Enterprise Wireless, Cisco Meraki and Cisco CMX to allow organizations to acquire customers, build location-based customer personas and engage directly with customers in real time.

CMX Engage is the first location-based cloud platform that’s truly enterprise ready, as it has global deployments to handle peak traffic of more than 10 million transactions per hour, is deployed across 3,000+ enterprise locations and adds about 30 new locations every day with 24/7 monitoring and an end-to-end SLA (service-level agreement).

The experience provided through CMX Engage is tailored to what each visitor might want, because it leverages the context of what visitors are doing at that moment. To match the appropriate offerings to the right customer and their location persona, CMX Engage allows brands to obtain a 360-degree view of the customer, reducing the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

Using CMX Engage entails much more than just collecting shopper data; it helps retailers create and sustain a meaningful relationship with store visitors. Because the closer you put people to the experiences they care about, the more they engage with the retailer and develop a positive connection.

Some of the key features of CMX Engage include:

  • Presence analytics—Across global locations, measure key visitor activities including the number of visitors, dwell time, new vs. repeat visitors, peak traffic hours and more.
  • Multi-channel acquisition—Using Wi-Fi, connect and acquire visitors and analyze their at-location behavior within a few meters. Businesses can then send personalized marketing messages and notifications to people as they move around the venue in real time.
  • Dashboard—The centralized, online dashboard provides a real-time view of visitor activity, location personas, engagement summary, marketing campaigns and other performance metrics.
  • Proximity rules—A powerful, configurable rules engine defines actionable location-based insights and engagements.
  • Engagement platform—Set up automated campaigns in minutes based on behavior and location. Users can also engage with customers via text messages, emails, app notifications and smart captive portals.
  • Data ownership and API integration—Data is owned by the enterprise and is compliant with privacy and security standards globally. APIs made available can integrate into a wide range of enterprise systems, such as marketing, cloud, CRM, ERP, loyalty and POS systems.

Two different product packages for two different business needs

CMX Engage is available in two editions: CMX Engage and CMX Engage Advanced. In the Engage edition, businesses can connect and acquire customers and deliver targeted, interactive experiences through smart captive portals. Using profile rules that define in-location personas, businesses can gain deep customer insights.

The Advanced edition comprises the same features as the Engage edition, with the additional capability for businesses to turn insights into action by delivering personalized engagements to visitors through SMS, email and app notifications and integrate into their enterprise systems.

To better visualize CMX’ and CMX Engage’s potential benefits, check out Cisco’s infographic, “A Tale of Two Retailers,” which illustrates fictional shopper Mia’s in-store experience with—and without—CMX and CMX Engage using a side-by-side comparison.