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UCS X-Series powered by Cisco Intersight: Give your customers a hybrid cloud advantage

June 02, 2021

UCS X-Series powered by Cisco Intersight: Give your customers a hybrid cloud advantage
According to research from IDC, the number of applications running in the data center and edge locations will increase by 300% between 2020 and 2023, resulting in 500 million digital applications and services developed using cloud-native approaches. This increasing diversity and distribution of applications pose an unprecedented challenge to businesses, too. With 46% of enterprise products and services expected to be digital (or digitally delivered) by 2022, your customers will rely more on IT infrastructure than ever before. And this IT infrastructure won’t reside in one location—it will be spread across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers, creating an incredibly diverse IT landscape.
4 challenges of managing a hybrid IT environment
The challenges of this new hybrid cloud reality can be summed up as follows:


  • Complex—There are many discrete compute (racks, blades, purpose-built), network (ethernet, InfiniBand) and storage (e.g., DAS, NAS, Fiber Channel) resources to manage in a hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Costly—Because of the lack of agility, organizations tend to overprovision resources, which drives up IT and management costs.
  • Inflexible—Various hybrid infrastructure components have different cost structures and lifecycles, which makes it harder to adopt new technology and adapt to new demands.
  • Inefficient—The hybrid model creates infrastructure and data silos, which require more power usage and labor-management demands.
Introducing UCS X-Series powered by Cisco Intersight
Cisco has a tradition of solving complicated IT problems, and it’s done it again with the release of its Unified Computing System (UCS) X-Series servers. The UCS X server is the world’s first modular computing system designed expressly for operations from the cloud across multiple clouds.  
UCS X’s modular systems create efficiencies that can only be achieved when power and cooling resources are shared across multiple servers, dramatically cutting power costs (2X), reducing components (36%) and enabling larger compute nodes (30%). Plus, UCS X gives IT admins a single control point to a hybrid IT environment.
The built-in SaaS infrastructure lifecycle management platform capabilities of Intersight enable UCS X to manage any form factor in a unified way. Intersight blends the storage and accelerator capacity of rack servers with the efficiencies of a modular design to cover the vast majority of workloads in the data center with a single, highly scalable design.
Why the UCS X-Series will become the ideal hybrid cloud infrastructure for the next decade 
The benefits of the UCS X-Series can be summarized as follows:
Adaptable—UCS X-Series enables hybrid IT infrastructure to be consolidated onto a single modular platform that combines the density and efficiency of blade servers with the expandability of rack servers for better performance, automation and efficiency. Even the system’s power supply and cooling fans are modular, enabling the system to adapt and support liquid cooling needed by powerful processors and GPUs.
Unified—Cisco UCS X fabric technology interconnects the devices inserted into the chassis, with interconnections updated easily to accommodate future connectivity standards as they emerge. Cisco plans to expand technology choices over time to include resources such as NVMe storage nodes, accelerator nodes and nonvolatile memory nodes. Connectivity plans include higher-bandwidth fabric options, PCIe gen 4/5/6 and CXL connectivity.
Simplified—With Intersight, you get all of the benefits of SaaS delivery and complete lifecycle management of distributed Intersight-connected servers and third-party storage across data centers, remote sites, branch offices and edge environments. This empowers you to analyze, update, fix and automate your environment in ways that weren’t possible previously.
What’s next?
If you have customers who need more flexibility with their server design and want to future-proof their environment, they’re excellent candidates for the Cisco UCS X-Series. And to incentivize partners to begin having these discussions, Cisco is offering several incentives via its Life Cycle Incentive (LCI) program (e.g., 2x bonus for Intersight activations in Q4 FY21, $10,000 payout per activation) and Seller Rewards program (e.g., up to 1 million points per customer activated). Contact the Ingram Micro Business Transformation Center (BTC) at btc@ingrammicro.com to learn more or schedule a demo.