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Transform your business from “use and discard” to a full lifecycle model

You can run a more sustainable and profitable business with the right strategy.

March 24, 2022

Transform your business from “use and discard” to a full lifecycle model
The global economy consumes 100 billion tons of material each year and grows by 2.76 million tons a year. But unfortunately, only 8.6% of that material is recycled or reused currently, which is simply not sustainable. Cisco and Ingram Micro are working to help change the traditional “create, use and throw away” economy (i.e., the linear economy) and replace it with a full lifecycle approach that emphasizes remanufacturing, reusing and recycling. And we’re inviting our partners to join this movement.
A full lifecycle approach aims to improve the lifespan and productivity of equipment and infrastructure with the idea that “waste” becomes a resource. A full lifecycle approach is essential because, as a society, we’re using more natural resources than our planet can regenerate. It’s also our belief that a circular business model can be just as profitable as the linear model, and we’re on our way to proving it.
How are we doing it?

Our strategy comprises four elements:
  • Full lifecycle design. Right from the start, our goal is to build products with resource efficiency, including sustainable packaging, modular, easily repairable components and energy-efficient features. By 2025, all new Cisco products will be designed with circularity in mind, driving increased reuse, repair, recycling and resource efficiency.
  • Takeback and Reuse program. Customers can return end-of-use Cisco products to us at no cost. We then reuse or recycle more than 99.6% of what’s returned.
  • Cisco Refresh. Cisco Refresh is not just about purchasing remanufactured equipment. It’s about an entirely new and cost-effective way of leveraging Cisco products. The program keeps Cisco products in use by remanufacturing, upgrading and reselling them. When you receive your equipment, it’s Cisco certified and includes the same warranty as new. Plus, all Cisco remanufactured products are SMARTnet eligible.
  • Ingram Micro’s ITAD program. Ingram Micro ITAD is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise IT asset disposition, lifecycle support services and e-waste recycling services. 
In 2020, Ingram Micro’s ITAD group entered into an agreement with Closing the Loop, a Netherlands-based company that offsets IT hardware to make them material-neutral and waste-free. This initiative alone removes about 12,000 devices per year from the e-waste stream. Besides the sustainability factor, ITAD also solves industry requirements (e.g., healthcare, banking and finance, government) for proper hardware destruction, ensuring sensitive data cannot be recovered.
How you can make your business more sustainable
When consulting with your clients about technology refreshes, it’s critical to start early—the days of 14-day turnarounds on product orders may not be coming back anytime soon. Also, be sure to evaluate all hardware options available to maximize performance, reduce overall cost and expand the budget while protecting critical network operations.
If, for example, a customer has a Catalyst 3850 switch coming off lease at the end of the year, you might want to start looking at the Catalyst 9248 switch or the 9348 next-gen model. Also, don’t overlook Cisco remanufactured switches and other hardware inventory; they can be an invaluable resource for meeting your customers’ budget requirements and quick-turnaround needs. Plus, when you sell Cisco remanufactured equipment, you and your customers are taking meaningful steps to transform your businesses and become more circular.
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