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Top 4 Reasons To Attend Cisco Experience Center Training Academy

March 08, 2017

Top 4 Reasons To Attend Cisco Experience Center Training Academy

Whether you are a brand new Cisco partner or a veteran of all things Cisco, you may find keeping up with the Cisco ecosystem to be challenging. And, while higher level trainings, such as Ingram Micro’s Connect and Grow webinars are a good start, you will likely find yourself needing more in depth training at some point.

 For Cisco channel partners like you, the Ingram Micro Experience Center Training Academy (ECTA) is the perfect option. And, here are four reasons you should start taking advantage of these training opportunities right away:

  1. Highly Qualified Instructors. If you’ve ever attended a training where your engineers were more knowledgeable than the instructor, you can appreciate how important experience and expertise are – especially when it comes to presenting a deep dive on Cisco hardware or architectures. The Experience Center has been around for nearly seven years and the center is run by a team of experts with decades of Cisco engineering experience, including one CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert)-certified engineer. These are the same engineers leading our Training Academy, so you know the information you’re receiving is trustworthy and your technical questions will get answered.

  2. It’s Live. Learning from a book or on demand presentation has some merit, but we know our partners often want a more engaging learning experience that allows them to get their questions answered right away. Each ECTA presentation is given live via WebEx and is designed to allow two-way engagement throughout. And, the engagement doesn’t stop there. During a presentation, an instructor may log into a server in our Experience Center or give a participant live virtual access to a Cisco product to try a specific configuration and see the outcome in real time.

  3. It’s Customizable. Want to get even more info about a topic of interest? You can schedule classes exclusively for your company by contacting an ECTA team member. No minimum class size is required and one-on-one training can be setup virtually or in-person at our state of the art facility in Buffalo, New York.

  4. It’s Free. As a business owner, you understand the value of your engineers’ time, and so do we. We make the ECTA program free to Ingram Micro partners as a way of showing our commitment to your success. Not only is the program free, but you don’t even need to spend money on flights or hotels because it is online and can be accessed from anywhere Internet service is available.

     As you can see, we’ve made learning the Cisco technology ecosystem easy, convenient, and freely available to any Ingram Micro partner (account managers and engineers) who is interested. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to see the entire curriculum and schedule for the next two months. Sign up for them all, or just a few — it’s all up to you.