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Tips for ensuring a smooth and profitable Cisco year end

June 29, 2021

Tips for ensuring a smooth and profitable Cisco year end
One of the critical points in establishing a new customer relationship occurs early in the sales cycle—during the quoting process. The prospective customer wants to know what it will cost to solve a specific business challenge, and they want all the details about the hardware, software, services and service level agreement (SLA). Your ability to quickly turn around an accurate, competitively-priced quote is imperative for building rapport and winning the sale.
The more manual steps required to create a quote, (e.g., making phone calls to confirm product availability, comparing prices and building the proposal), the lower your chances of success. What’s worse is that some specials only last a couple of weeks, so by the time you submit the quote, and the prospect responds, the sale could be over. As we approach the end of Cisco’s sales fiscal (July 31), there are even more promotions and bundled offerings to track—with varying expiration dates.
A bonus sales tool: the Cisco partner promotion cheat sheet
We created a Q4 FY21 (May-July) promotions cheat sheet [link to “us-partner-promotion-cheat-sheet-fy21-q4.pdf”] to make it easier to see all the end-of-fiscal year sales promotions in one place. This 18-page PDF is organized into the following 10 categories:


  1. Simplified deal registration
  2. Cross architecture
  3. Enterprise Networking
  4. Security
  5. Data Center
  6. Collaboration
  7. Customer experience & software
  8. Capital offers
  9. Migration incentives
  10. Additional promotions
Don’t forget about Cisco Net Price changes
In addition to keeping up with sales deals, Cisco Net Price just went into effect less than two months ago, so there are several significant changes to keep in mind here, too:


  • DARTs are being eliminated and the Deal ID is the primary discounting vehicle.
  • SMS SKUs are being phased out: Enterprise SKUs are now used to quote and fulfill services of any duration.
  • Distributor Customer Satisfaction (DSAT) deals went away, and any software or service discount is applied to a quote through a Quick Quote Deal ID (DID).
  • A takeover deal and incumbent can now be on a single CCW-R quote.
  • A new multiyear attach no longer requires an increased quantity to account for the term.
  • Ingram Micro now processes orders in Enterprise SKUs, and some PO requirements have changed.
Partner Go: the smart way to simplify Cisco sales quotes
After years of working closely with our partners and listening to your frustrations and challenges, we created an online self-service tool to simplify your Cisco quoting and sales processes: Partner Go. This online portal gives partners instant, anytime visibility into their Cisco direct shipments through Ingram Micro, enabling partners to focus on growing their businesses. In addition, the portal saves time by providing information that used to require emails or phone calls. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for:


  1. Reviewing all order details
  2. Creating quotes instantly
  3. Ordering directly online
If you haven’t yet discovered Partner Go, contact your Ingram Micro account rep right away and let us help you remove the friction from your sales process, so you can spend less time creating and managing quotes and more time taking care of your customers.