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This cloud-based email security solution from Cisco is vital for your customers’ protection

June 28, 2021

This cloud-based email security solution from Cisco is vital for your customers’ protection
Malware, phishing and other dynamic threats are a daily challenge for businesses of all sizes. This is especially true for Microsoft Office 365 users, which comprise more than half (56%) of organizations that have shifted to cloud services. A 2021 study from Egress found that organizations using Microsoft 365 have seen a 67% increase in data leaks via email since March 2020. It’s a well-established fact that email is the primary threat vector (accounting for 90% of attacks) for cyberattacks and traditional endpoint security tools don’t adequately protect cloud-based solutions.
Introducing Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox
Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox (formerly Cloud Mailbox Defense) is an organic innovation developed inside Cisco and was released in September 2020. Cloud Mailbox is an API-based email security solution that’s simple to deploy (just five minutes per customer), easy to understand and gives you a short time to remediation when you’re investigating email threats.
Cisco designed Cloud Mailbox to take advantage of the integration capabilities of Microsoft Graph, a RESTful web API, which provides a single endpoint to provide access to rich, people-centric data and insights in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This tight integration enables a faster and more powerful email scanning and remediation, and helps partners evolve their customers’ defense and detection strategies more efficiently.
Cloud Mailbox also includes Talos intelligence and support, Cisco’s worldwide commercial threat intelligence team, composed of world-class researchers, analysts and engineers. The Talos team scans the world for new cyberattacks, new URLs, malware and spoofs to further prevent the latest threats and scams.
By moving email security inside Microsoft’s cloud and integrating directly with Azure, it yields several additional advantages:


  • No MX record changes required
  • Messages are scanned natively in Microsoft’s cloud, giving admins optimal visibility into inbound, outbound and internal (i.e., “East-West”) messages
  • Metadata can be indexed and sent to Cisco Cloud for quick searching, reporting and remediation
  • Email attachments can stay in the Microsoft cloud for customers who opt out of Cisco Threat Grid, Cisco’s cloud sandboxing solution
Cloud Mailbox is part of the Cisco Secure Remote Work bundle
Since Cloud Mailbox is a natural complement to other Cisco Secure offerings, Cisco offers discounts to partners who bundle it with products such as Webex, Duo and Umbrella. One specific bundle is Secure Remote Work, which gives small and midsize businesses (up to 250 users) everything they need to work from home.
The way the promotion works is that when partners bundle Webex Meetings with one or more of the following security products—Duo, Umbrella and Cloud Mailbox—they can earn discounts up to 37% on Webex, up to 30% on Duo, up to 60% on Umbrella and up to 30% on Cloud Mailbox (minimum 25 users). To learn more about this special offer, click here.
Cloud Mailbox is also available on Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace at a 30% discount without deal registration starting at one user.