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These Cisco collaboration, security and cloud resources can help modernize any workplace

February 11, 2021

These Cisco collaboration, security and cloud resources can help modernize any workplace
After 10-plus months of dealing with the pandemic, more than half of Americans want to continue working remotely and two-thirds of companies may render their work-from-home (WFH) policies permanent, according to research from IBM. Many customers and prospects also are looking to equip their workforces with technology solutions that enable more flexible work arrangements, such as hoteling, where workers dynamically schedule their use of office workspaces, computers and conferencing systems. Put simply, the modern workplace is becoming a hybrid environment where work is no longer defined as a place you go, but is more about the activities you do.
With this concept in mind, Ingram Micro partners should keep the following technology categories and topics in mind to help optimize your customers’ transition to the modern workplace:
  1. Collaboration without compromise. According to IndustryARC’s latest research, the videoconferencing market is projected to hit $6.65 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 8.5% over the next four years. While the adoption of collaboration tools is high, the user experience isn’t always as stellar—primarily when clients use different vendors for their conference phones, headsets, chat tools, videoconference software and security. The challenge with this “best of breed” strategy is that it’s difficult to determine the root cause when something goes wrong. On the other hand, when you sell Cisco, you not only get all the software functionality (e.g., voice, video, chat) under one brand, you get the hardware (e.g., headsets, phones, video boards) as well. With this single ecosystem of hardware and software, customers gain a better user experience and partners have an easier time managing everything.
  2. Security everywhere. WFH typically entails workers using their personal computers and laptops to access company apps and data. But how can you ensure their credentials aren’t compromised or whether a worker’s laptop has malware? How can you protect remote workers using public Wi-Fi hot spots? With Cisco Secure Remote Workforce solutions, your customers’ WFH concerns are alleviated. The integrated solution offering includes Cisco Duo to verify user identity and establish device trust. Another component, Cisco AnyConnect, ensures the connection is secure from any device, anywhere at any time. Cisco Umbrella and Cisco AMP for Endpoints are the first and last line of defense—continually monitoring traffic and managing public access while blocking, detecting and responding to advanced threats.
  3. Cloud enablement. The old ways of working involved using a VPN to access corporate resources in a private data center. The modern way to work is by using public cloud solutions and services. The cloud trend creates a perfect opportunity for channel partners to implement, secure and manage customers’ cloud services. Additionally, partners should look for opportunities to sell cloud-enabled solutions to advance their customers’ business goals. For example, the Meraki networking product family of wireless LANs (local area networks), routers and security appliances leverage the cloud to simplify provisioning, optimization, content filtering, firmware updates, redundancy and monitoring. With automatic feature updates, open APIs and up to 90% reduction in operational costs, Meraki cloud-managed devices enable partners to provide the right option for customers of any size.
These three topics can be summed up under a single theme—customer experience. When you enable your customers to collaborate without making performance or security compromises and help them optimize the latest cloud technologies and services, it creates an excellent CX. And an excellent CX is what creates long-term customer relationships.
For more information about the latest Cisco solutions, services and sales strategies, check out the Cisco Virtual Learning (CVL) resource center: https://imaginenext.ingrammicro.com/cisco-virtual-learning.