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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Partner With Cisco

May 08, 2017

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Partner With Cisco

Reaching today’s end users with innovative, game-changing solutions and services requires an equally creative marketing approach that’s engaging and uses multiple channels such as web, digital, social media and more. Cisco wants to empower its customers to take their marketing programs to the next level, and this week it launched a brand new global marketing campaign, “There’s never been a better time.” Very soon you’ll see this messaging everywhere, including digital media, major print publications, billboards and airport boards. The campaign will appear in 11 countries or regions: U.S., UK, Germany, India, China, France, Australia, Canada, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. It will also be seen on Cisco.com and other related properties.

So, what does this mean for Cisco partners like you? It is a great opportunity to merge your marketing strategy with Cisco and to create an exponentially bigger impact. The new campaign includes marketing resources and assets that are available on the Cisco Partner Marketing Central (PMC) site. You can use these resources on your digital and social media platforms to spark new conversations with customers and generate new leads and revenue streams.

Every message within the campaign can be applied to one of four messaging pillars that represent the innovations being powered by Cisco technology, including:

  1. Digital business (with stories grouped into the manufacturing, retail and finance segments)
  2. Core networking
  3. Security
  4. Corporate and social responsibility


The campaign is being delivered through ENGAGE, Cisco’s suite of marketing services that helps partners meet their customers where they are, anytime and anywhere. Whether you are engaging with existing customers or new customers, you’ll want to give them the right content in the form they prefer to consume, so you can drive your revenue.

A key component of ENGAGE, Cisco Marketing Velocity, includes training, experts and best practices designed to help partners sharpen their digital skills and to move faster. Another core component of ENGAGE, Cisco PMC, is a personalized marketing platform that allows Cisco partners to produce customized marketing campaigns using the latest digital techniques. PMC also offers simplified marketing funding and reimbursement opportunities.

Partners have the flexibility to run campaigns on their own or with the help of digital experts who can also help automate lead generation from beginning to end.

To help you take full advantage of this opportunity, Cisco offers a playbook that outlines the campaign’s goals and includes samples of various assets, guidelines and instructions for asset usage and contact information for additional assistance.