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The secret to recurring revenue growth and more market share

It’s clearly in partners’ interest to sell subscriptions, and Cisco and Ingram Micro have resources to help.

June 16, 2020

The secret to recurring revenue growth and more market share

IT solution providers have to balance the daily demands of running a business with strategic planning to ensure future success, growth and profitability. This balancing act can be daunting even when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic. As companies attempt to get back to work, it’s inevitable channel partners will face budget cuts and re-evaluations of their IT solution and services offerings.
As budgets tighten and spending continues to be scrutinized, selling software and services via a subscription model enables your customers to see a quicker return on their investments and creates a more predictable revenue stream for partners. It’s equally essential that the software and services your customers purchase are fully adopted by their users to ensure renewals don’t get delayed, or the subscription doesn’t get cut out of the budget altogether.
Those who’ve already made the transition to selling subscription-based services have a significant advantage over those tied to the old capex sales model. For those looking to make the transition to subscription-based/recurring revenue businesses, Cisco and Ingram Micro have tons of resources—from online education to field deployable sales support—to help.
Below are two specific examples that may be of interest.

A program that helps partners renew incumbent opportunities
The Cisco Services Partner Program (CSPP) comprises a wide range of incentives, including:

  • Program purchase discounts
  • Performance-based discounts
  • Sales performance rebates
  • Delivery performance rebates and
  • Premium services rebates
Partners are paid based on their performance leveraging a linear calculation. The better the performance, the higher the net rebate percentage becomes.
If you’re interested in recurring revenue that can grow over time, training and marketing tools to help you compete in the digital era and rebates to boost your bottom line, visit the CSPP landing page, here.