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The Net Price initiative: an easier way to procure Cisco software and services through Ingram Micro

April 15, 2021

The Net Price initiative: an easier way to procure Cisco software and services through Ingram Micro
Central to Cisco’s transformation to a software-centric company is the desire to simplify the overall end-to-end software lifecycle experience for customers and partners. This commitment also includes simplifying the quoting and ordering process.
One example that illustrates this point is Cisco’s Net Price initiative, where Cisco is simplifying the transactional process for distribution partners and benefiting 2T (two-tier) channel partners, too. Net Price will ultimately close many of the functionality gaps that have existed for years.
What does Net Price mean for partners?
A simpler, more manageable process for our partners to follow eliminating many of the workarounds that have become part of your daily processes such as SMS to ENT conversion, Co-Terming and Magic Keys.
To put it simply, Net Price levels the playing field between direct and indirect (i.e., 2T) channel partners.
The initiative enables the following:


  • Simplified discounting: DARTs are being eliminated and the Deal ID will be the primary discounting vehicle. Promotions like Fastrack and end customer-specific RNSDs (reusable non-standard discounts) will not change.
  • SMS SKUs will be phased out: Enterprise SKUs will be used to quote and fulfill services of any duration.
  • Distributor Customer Satisfaction (DSAT) deals will go away and any software or service discounting will be applied to the quote through a Quick Quote Deal ID (DID).
  • A takeover deal and incumbent can be on a single CCW-R quote.
  • A new multiyear attach will no longer require an increased quantity to account for the term.
What steps do Ingram Micro partners need to take?
Once we move over to Net Price, Ingram Micro will begin processing orders in Enterprise SKUs and some PO requirements will change. We recommend partners review our FAQs and attend one of our webinars in April to fully understand the positive impact it will have on the Cisco business moving forward.
Ingram Micro also recommends using Cisco Partner Go to further simplify all Cisco transactions.
To find out how you can use Ingram Micro Partner Go to create Cisco orders, estimates and quotes, click here.